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Open APIs for developers

There are many developers that would like to extend the capabilites of the cameras specifically and the system in general.  If there was an open API that would let users access their local cameras and control them that would be great.  Also, if there was a documented RESTful API to get to the data on the servers that would allow incorporating the data into a whole host of applications.  I suspect both the camera and server APIs do exist since the original developers had to use something.  If other could get at these interfaces this system could be the go to system for developers.

@thaweatherman I committed my first stab at the EventStream stuff, take a look. I'm not in love with the solution, and it could use some refactoring, but it at least allows you to interact with the /notify call and receive responses in a psuedo-synchronous way. If you think of a better way to go about this, let me know... I'm definitely open to suggestions. Excuse the messy commit; I neglected to pull before pushing and ended up with a nasty merge conflict and didn't have the time to clean up properly. The code is in a good state, but the history is a little fubar'd. Also, if you're going to be collaborating on this project, it might be better to move the conversation over there (or somewhere else.)

Hi, I just bought two Arlo cams and too late discovered that there was no public API. It really makes me sad to see a company trying to implement all sorts of static rules too make as many users as possible happy. But there is no chanse they can be as effective as a couple of hundred open source developers. Netgear should focus on the hardware + a simple but yet powerful app for both Android and IOS. I still think this product is really promising but whould not recommend it yet to my friends. Without a public API the product will die because ordinary people is starting to get tired of managing their "smart" items from 10 or 20 different apps. On the other side for companies like Netgear this might not be a problem since people have a tendency to throw away fully functional and good hardware just because the software integration feels outdated. And then they will buy a new camera product from Netgear. $$$
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Yep, API is required here. I hope it's in the works.

@JamesC any chance at this? It would be much easier for everyone if you just released API docs rather than making us RE your API. Also, if you could stop using an eventstream for simple requests, that would be great.
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Jeff, does your api still work? Trying to convert it to PHP but I'm not sure if it's my poor coding or they have changed the auth method, but I can't get the login to work...

@T9001 works fine. PHP happens to be one of my favorite languages, so if you want to share your code with me, I will help you get it working.

Thanks Jeff, managed to figure it out. Might pm you if I get stuck again though, if that would be ok?

Would love to have this feature as well. I have an Abode security system and having the two be integrated together would be fantastic! I know Abode is open to working with Netgear when they open up their API. Lets just hope it is sooner than later.

REALLY need the API. My first task would be to add to my phone geofence capability that actually works instead of your broken implementation.