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Open APIs for developers

There are many developers that would like to extend the capabilites of the cameras specifically and the system in general.  If there was an open API that would let users access their local cameras and control them that would be great.  Also, if there was a documented RESTful API to get to the data on the servers that would allow incorporating the data into a whole host of applications.  I suspect both the camera and server APIs do exist since the original developers had to use something.  If other could get at these interfaces this system could be the go to system for developers.


having read this far I noticed and learned that there is some type of API to further the trigger and action response to/from the cameras. However, I haven't seen the whereabouts of the API documentation.

Is this somewhat described by others in GitHub, for example?

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.


does not work with two-step verification enabled

    "data": {
        "message""To access your account, please download our new Arlo app or disable two-step verification.",
        "reason""Please update to the latest version of this app, or deactivate Two-Step Authentication on your account, to login on this device."
My system has now been completely disabled after my free cloud option ran out (see my other posts).

Because of a complete stuffup with an Android app release and apparently some other internal software problems, Arlo should accept their incompetence with managing the software life-cycle, Open Source their software, and let the community do a professional job of it - they would sell a LOT more hardware if they did that . .

This whole recent period has been a complete disaster for me - Arlo hardware is good quality but their software and management of it is sh#t . .