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New Feature - Pan/Tilt/Zoom Capability

I'm interested to know if your creative development team would consider the possibility of designing the Arlo Pro Q which has AC connections to have the capability to pan, tilt, and/or zoom the camera remotely via the arlo app. Even better for those who need wireless (like me) to also design a new wireless camera with the same capabilities.


For example, there are times when someone comes to my front door or enters my camera view with any of my cameras and I wish I could turn the camera on live and zoom in to view a person's face up closer for identification. Being able to pan, tilt or zoom would broaden the viewing area and enhance what you need or want to see  live when necessary. Another example, I have a landscape company come weekly to take care of my yard. There have been times when I've wanted to check on them live but I'm limited with where I have the camera aimed on my front porch or on my driveway/garage area.


I'd like to be able to adjust the horizontal and vertical views independently.  Currently, they only work together.

Hi Arlo, can you please look into the option to build a “good value for money” PTZ camera which will work with the base unit or app? 2-4MP, 5 - 10 x zoom, 60m IR, etc?

BABY CAM MODLE NOT LISTED IN DROP DOWN MENU. We utilize this camer alot and we think quality wise it is one of the best wifi baby monitors. But one major flaw (that even cheap moniors have) are remote pan and tilt features. I appreciate the 130 degree FOV but frequently I need to see another part of the nursery/room. We have twins and this feature would be very beneficial. I understand that this is a hardware revision but wondering why this is/was not included when most cameras come with this feature standard. Thank you for your consideration.


I love the Arlo Baby Camera, almost as much as I wish that it would remotely pan so that I can see where my little one is inside their room. Not all Baby cameras are used for babies in a crib, they eventually move out of a crib and learn how to move around thus needing a camera that can move to see where they are 🙂 

We have two arlo baby cameras, and I am purchasing a third. But I would prefer this unit be updated (it is antiquated and could include other options like other newer baby cameras) and include a powered panning function rather than just the digital pan. Our camera does not pick up the whole room no matter how high we install the camera. We had a motorola camera that was twice as expensive as the Arlo so price is not as much as a hindrance. Maybe there is an Arlo Baby Ultra that allows for panning and has upgraded features? That would sell.


Just in case, there is a setting for amount of view... adjusts from 90 to 130 degrees 


Thanks Tom,


But changing angle of view is not quite enough. It is nice, to have a wide angle lense and have the capability of changing the field of view, but panning cameras are very helpful when watching over a toddler. 


It would be great if Arlo updated the camera with a better camera and panning capabilities.