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New Feature - Pan/Tilt/Zoom Capability

I'm interested to know if your creative development team would consider the possibility of designing the Arlo Pro Q which has AC connections to have the capability to pan, tilt, and/or zoom the camera remotely via the arlo app. Even better for those who need wireless (like me) to also design a new wireless camera with the same capabilities.


For example, there are times when someone comes to my front door or enters my camera view with any of my cameras and I wish I could turn the camera on live and zoom in to view a person's face up closer for identification. Being able to pan, tilt or zoom would broaden the viewing area and enhance what you need or want to see  live when necessary. Another example, I have a landscape company come weekly to take care of my yard. There have been times when I've wanted to check on them live but I'm limited with where I have the camera aimed on my front porch or on my driveway/garage area.


Looks like there's some room for a little pan/tilt and zoom funtionality int hat housing. Would be a nice to have.  Obviously this is a hardware redesign.



Would like to be able to rotate the Pan and Zoom selection box window so you can have a longer height window rather than width. For example, if you are recording a walkway, the current Pan and Zoom selection box will allow you to select and record a larger width of the walkway rather than a longer length of the walkway. Allowing someone to rotate the selection box, will give them the ability to lengthen the recording area while only increasing the width of the walkway slightly in proportion.  


This is actually a software change to be able to rotate 90 degrees. I know there is also a request for a hardware change but I think this could be implemented more quickly. 


I'd like to see this too. I have an outside camera turned 90 degrees to monitor a walkway next to my house that's quite narrow (~ 4ft), but very long (~30 ft). The camera covers the desired area perfectly, but the video is sideways, of course.


I'd like to have pan/tilt functionality also, e.g. to be able to pan through a 180 degree arc on a camera mounted outside. Either built into the main housing, or as a separate base mounting option? Zoom is already possible within the camera setup.


I would like to see the camera have a 180 view, and the options to physically pan and tilt the lens while monitoring an area. Also, a sharper image when zooming (1080 instead of 720))  Thanks 


It could be very useful to have an waterproof Arlo PRO (or Arlo Q) with 360 fisheye lens to keep under control wide areas.
Even better with digital pan, tilt, and zooming.

Community Manager



When live streaming, it is possible to zoom the camera. Take a look here for more information on this topic: How do I use the pan and zoom feature in my Arlo app when viewing live footage?


Pan/Tilt features are however a great idea. The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!




Although I had to disable motion and sound triggers and live stream only, I was able to Macguyver my own 360 pan and scan Arlo Pro by way of a rechargeable 360 camera mount, mini ball w lock and hot shoe, and a long power cord. The base can be used either right side up or upside down, has all the options in terms of programmable routes, however, the turning mechanism is quite loud depending on the speed setting and obnoxious when viewed on the recordings.

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