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New Feature - Pan/Tilt/Zoom Capability

I'm interested to know if your creative development team would consider the possibility of designing the Arlo Pro Q which has AC connections to have the capability to pan, tilt, and/or zoom the camera remotely via the arlo app. Even better for those who need wireless (like me) to also design a new wireless camera with the same capabilities.


For example, there are times when someone comes to my front door or enters my camera view with any of my cameras and I wish I could turn the camera on live and zoom in to view a person's face up closer for identification. Being able to pan, tilt or zoom would broaden the viewing area and enhance what you need or want to see  live when necessary. Another example, I have a landscape company come weekly to take care of my yard. There have been times when I've wanted to check on them live but I'm limited with where I have the camera aimed on my front porch or on my driveway/garage area.

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There are several wifi PTZ camera products currently on the market.would the Netgear Arlo team consider updating their basestation firmware to add compatability with any of the existing products in the market place.  This could be a far more cost effective solution to providing the PTZ capabilities in the Arlo security suite vs Netgear re-inventing the wheel and developing its own camera from the ground up.  Any firmware updates for this feature should be backward compatible with the Arlo Pro and original Arlo which I have.  I understand from a different post that a Firmware Update is coming that provides backward compatiblity for the Arlo Pro camera features.  Feedback on this request/suggestion for PTZ capabilities would be appreciated.


Has the Arlo team looked into compatability PTZ's or are they working on their own device?

Would be nice to have a PTZ (true PTZ) camera in a certain area. ANy progress? Fanx


It would be great if the Pan and Zoom feature on the video settings could be adjuste BOTH vertically and horizontally. It would provide greater  focus control and it'll help cut down on false alarms.


You are aware that when the viewing box is made smaller, it can be moved around both vert and horz?


Yes. My problem is that I need to change the shape of the box. As it is today you can only change the size of the box and then move the box on the screen..

I agree.  I want to pint camera out window and zoom to end of drive way about 75-100' away, then continuous record.  Also need to be able to turn if IR lights as they cause fleet ion in window at night (area outside is well lit by street light so IR not needed).  Motion technology used on Arlo Pro is poor and will not detect motion beyond 10-15' despite numerous adjustments and tests.  Also need to be able to set my ion detection area, so if pixels change in that area then motion is sensed.


Love the Arlo line but the PTZ feature is very limitied. Would like to see a true PTZ camara available, POE or standard power. This would be a great addtion to the current line of products and provide a great security option for a customer to purchase. 


Hope is happens. 

Is Arlo in the process of coming out with a PTZ wireless camera soon?

I need a camera that can be aimed at a certain spot and zoom in, with maintained resolution, to check details. This could for instance be aimed at a door or car gate further away, where an Arlo light could be used to trigger the camera. Zoomed in it would allow identification of persons, or see license plates on cars. I now have a camera over my backyard, where several cars can be parked, but the camera is so wide I cannot read license numbers unless the car comes really close. Digital zoom is not good enough. If I can aim and zoom in a camera, I can also use it to check details, such as readings on machines and gauges, to monitor heeating or pool systems, for instance.