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Netgear Router Support

It would be great to extend the current functionality for Netgear Routers to the Netgear family... eliminating the arlo base station footprint and make my household greener 



I have a nighthawk D7000 and despite its greater hardware specification to the nighthawk r7000 i do not have  the luxury of the aforementiones points.


Hopefully these firmware changes would leverage existing design and could be a quick win for netgear and its customer base 


Any news if/when R7500 will support Arlo?


I was not aware of this incompability with my recently purchased Netgear 8000. I'm contemplating sending both back - this is close to $850. You would think Netgear Products would work together - this is complete joke! I'll be sharing my feelings on Facebook and twitter as well. This is rediculous! #NetgearDoesntWorkWithNetgearProducts #NetgearSucks #FindANewNetworkingSolutionNotNetGear


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As clarification, Arlo will work with your R8000 router providing you are using the Arlo Base station to sync your wire-free cameras.




We need to be able to connect the cameras directly to router or repeaters. Even if they are Netgear routers. They used to be able to do this with the R7000 but it is no longer supported. This feature is needed... My router covers a much larger are than my Arlo base. I should have to buy another base for a better signal. I should have the option to use my existing Wi-Fi or a Netgear supported router.


NAy more progres on this ?

R8000 Nighthawk could provide the same functionality with a Firmware update.


As highlighted the Arlo base station range is quite limited. i can't for example no matter where i postion the base station connect to the front and back garden cameras. Always appear offline. The router in teh front and base station at teh back would be the ideal solution



I use my cameras to keep track of my teenage kids goings and comings.  However, they can turn-off the cameras by unplugging or pushing the turn-on/off buttons so the system is very vulnerable.  In addition, they can remove the camera's off their stands/wall mounts.  You need some way of stopping this (maybe with a special tool or key).


On the main router/base I would suggest securing the on/off buttons by some sort of secondary security requirement (i.e., password required via the software app).  As far as the physical plug-in cords in the back of the unit that remains an issue unless you secure them in a locking door on the base.


The issue is any child or burglar can turn-off the base unit or remove the cameras.

The range is really awful and I do not want to have to buy a numb of basestations just to get better range. The cams could/should use the wifi in the house - many people have a mesh based wifi system these days providing full wifi signal everywhere on the premises.
Let Arlo cams use the wifi in the house. The basestation should only be used as a cloud gateway.

I am needing support on the R6300v2, previously I had a LINKSYS WRT 1900 ACS which allowed hierarchy of what was to gain most importance with my router in my home via wifi also I was able to view both 2.4 and 5 when i reviewed on the software however the netgear genie does not seem to allow me to do anything at all.


I am able to view a network map and see that I have 2.4 but it also has iranious information that is worthless, such as Airprint, MyMedia and adds that pop up from Disney.... Is LINKSYS a better product???