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Move To HTML5

Highly recommend moving from flash to HTML5. Many work provided mobile devices restrict app installing and since Android and Apple don't have flash support so you cannot stream the cameras through browsers. Flash has become very restricted in its support. Moving to HTML5 would solve a lot of issues and provide better future compatibility.




Hey Arlo, you can't continue requiring PC users to use extremely unsecure software as part of security monitoring.  Flash is hacker-bait.  Your reluctance to even respond to this issue concerns me greatly.  Are you afraid to tell us that there's a hardware issue with changing protocol?  It should otherwise be a simple task to switch to HTML5.  


I'm not spending another dollar on Arlo until I know your plan.  What is it? 


This issue should not be in the Idea Exchange.  It has now become a major bug.  Let's keep this thread alive. 


I can't even use arlo without flash . It does get extremly aggravating to have to turn flash on when the camera is used , and then back off if the camera is not on,  in fear of hackers . Why can't you provide a fix .


As others have said, a date commitment would be pleasantly positive.


The concerns here are real and a real response would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance...

I think I now understand the delay. Reading other stuff online, it appears they can encrypt the video to prevent us accessing it directly on flash, but HTML5 support needs more work (and money) before they can stop us getting access to our own video streams.

And there goes their subscription model for CVR and more.

So, don't expect this for a long time.

Their insistence on using Flash is just one of a few problems that we, as customers, can observe--what else lurks beneath within their infrastructure?  Will it take a cyber "event" for them to be shamed into fixing the underlying issues? 


If Arlo focused on infrastructure more than they did on new hardware (4k, doorbells, lights, whatever) and services ("smartness"), then I'd be willing to purchase those products when they did come out.  The fact is, they're catering to people who don't know that they should be asking for stronger authentication (2FA please) and for use of technology that isn't outdated (Flash is dead).  And while we're at it, transport and at-rest encryption better use modern algorithms.  The marathon race to push out new products while ignoring security says something to me about Arlo as a company!


Most consumers aren't security conscious and they don't care to be.  The onus is on us (the ones that know better) to make sure that companies do it right--but it shouldn't be this way.  I shouldn't have to submit ideas to their "Idea  Exchange" ... I'm not an Arlo employee, and if I was, Flash would have been obliterated a long time ago.  And 2FA would have been implemented years ago.  Security is difficult ... but I'll bet that fixing a reputation is more difficult.


They are using flowplayer 3.2.13 for the camera view, but HTML5 in other places. In fact, Flowplayer now supports non-flash video, but they just haven't updated, which is just lazy.

Has there been any word when Arlo/Netgear will be redesigning their web interface to remove the need for flash? I would assume they will go with HTML5. I suspect Google will be completely discontinuing support for flash some time soon.

When I try to view camera views from your website, it says I have to have Flash. Due to security concerns, I've eliminated Flash from all our home computers, and it's not allowed on our work computers. While I can still see the live view and recorded videos on my iPhone, I can't see live views on the computer. Flash is going to be discontinued anyway, so why don't you change your website to use h264 or HTML5 or some other non-proprietary and more secure video codec? Get with it Netgear, and dump Flash!


Logging in to Arlo using Edge on new HP Windows 10 PC. Page opens then prompts me to update flash. I ALREADY HAVE NEW VERSION OF FLASH AND IT'S ENABLED IN ADVANCED SETTINGS. I click “allow” and it kicks me out to log in a second time – EVERY TIME! This is very undesirable if an emergency is occurring. Also flash is outdated tech no one wants to use anymore. I’d called tech support for help and was informed this was unavoidable and I’ll always have to log in twice. Very disappointing!


I keep getting the prompt for updating flash in two different browsers, Windows Chrome, and Mac/Safari (wife's computer). I read the posts about adding flash permission and turning on "ephemeral" mode but those do not seem to work and/or are no longer available options.


What is the permanent solution in 2019 for removing the flash warning from Chrome and Safari browsers?


- Chris