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Move To HTML5

Highly recommend moving from flash to HTML5. Many work provided mobile devices restrict app installing and since Android and Apple don't have flash support so you cannot stream the cameras through browsers. Flash has become very restricted in its support. Moving to HTML5 would solve a lot of issues and provide better future compatibility.




So now it's been over a year since my post on this. I still can't view my cameras on my computer. I've basically just given up and use a phone or tablet whenever I need to view my cameras. I've tried to find a permanent solution to the constant "update flash" messages, and I've given up. Arlo says they need time...apparently a year isn't enough. 


Given Netgear's prolonged and deafening silence on this matter I am ditching my 5-camera Arlo setup and replacing it with something that's properly supported and doesn't rely on obsolete and insecure technology. I work in web development and infrastructure, and can categorically state there is NO good reason for this delay except commercial greed. Frankly, Netgear's lack of response to this is appalling and unforgivable.


Well done Netgear. You won't be seeing another penny from me in the future.

I second this idea. You already eliminated this from iOS devices, so why do you require flash on the website?
Flash is dead. Get with the program Arlo!
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Flash is quickly being deprecated - HTML5 compatibility needs to be a priority for your dev team!

I think if we all stop buying Arlo gear and stop using Netgear stuff then they might get the message just before they go bust! 


This thread has been going for years with no apparen't action by Netgear.  Either there is some major impedient preventing a switch from Flash, or they intend to send certain product to End of Life. One would think they would acknowlege this customer concern one way or another...


Now that Adobe has announced end-of-life for Flash, has anyone heard what Arlo's plans are to migrate the browser code to HTML 5 or something modern?  It's anoying to have to keep Flash around for the fewe sites like Arlo that still requuire it.  Die Flash Die!


This thread is over a year old and Arlo / Netgear will not address this issue . FLASH IS DEAD. My camera system is probably 10 years old , ive replaced one already , and would like to replace to others one at a time . None us us in our right mind will buy anything from Arlo unlil the flash replacement . I know from tech help that the ARLO people are brilliant, so way does this keep falling on deaf ears time after time, almost weekly . WE NEED HELP , We are not programmers ! 


You're making a mistake in Arlo's favor, this thread started 4.5 years ago! It seems clear that Arlo doesn't support users. Instead, they introduce new hardware and spam you with Father's Day emails to buy it. There's another thread on adding second factor authentication, which Arlo also ignores. With  obvious ways they fail in improving security for their users, I think it's a bit scary to wonder how insecure stuff is that users don't see.