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Minimum Record Time

Hi All,
Not sure if this has already been suggested... the Arlo Pro currently has a feature when it senses motion to record until the motion stops. Could there be a feature added where you have a minimum time it records or a minimum time it records after the motion has stopped.

I found today that as someone walked away from the cameras out of the motion area... it would have been good to just have a few second more of recording.

I agree that a minimum time needs to be added! I'm surprised after many years this hasn't been added. 


Ideally I am wanting the condition of being able to record for 30 seconds MINIMUM but then have it record until motion is over. 

I would like to suggest a new feature be added that allow users to: “Set Minimum Time Recorded Before Uploading To Cloud”.
This allows users to cut out small recordings, such as a branch or leaf swaying in the wind periodically or a bird that flies by, which currently all trigger a camera to start recording. If a user can set a minimum recording time threshold (say 5 seconds), they it would cut out a huge amount of useless uploads.
Most events you want captured, like a car or person passing a camera take more than a few seconds. You can still allow the cameras to activate and capture, but by setting a small threshold setting at the base station, a user could tell the base station to filter out lot of the tiny, frivolous recordings that are not necessary to upload.
In fact, you could possibly have this feature for each camera so you can set minimum threshold upon detection of movement. If the movement ceases before the set threshold, the camera doesn’t even bother to send the recorded stream from the camera. This way you could set this functionality on a camera-by-camera basis.