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Manual Firmware Update and/or notification of firmware with rollback

It would be nice to have the ability to upgrade firmware manually, as opposed to automatically. This used to be an option, but it was removed and set to automatic upgrades only. The firmware lately has caused many problems, including random cameras going offline and randomly not recording at all.  Being on stable firmware and not upgrading is more preferable to me and probably to others.


Notifications for device issues - it would be nice to have notifications, either push or email/text, when the system doesn't appear to be working correctly, or cameras are offline. In the last several weeks, my system has randomly stopped recording and if I didn't login to the app to take a look, I wouldn't have known there was an issue.


We also travel a lot for extended periods... the last thing I want to happen is for any updates to be downloaded without my ok. I've paid a lot of money for the Arlo system which I think is great, however reliability of a security system is paramount and we all know that software updates for all kinds of devices are fraught with bugs.


We are going now on day 3 of our arlo baby not recording.  We have tried calling to see whats going on and to get help resolving this issue.  When we finally got to speak to someone we were told by the lady that her computer was running slow....that she was going to find another computer and give us a call back.  We have not received a call back.  One of the great features of the arlo baby camera is that I am able to see how my baby slept the night see if baby's sleep was fragmented or not. I can't do that if it doesn't record!!!! We have tried using the laptop to fix the issue but keep getting an error message. The arlo app keeps crashing and logging us out. The app/laptop keeps saying "buffering" Over and over.  Can we PLEASE get someone to call us back on this issue!!!! This is ridiculous!!!! We are getting notifications when baby moves but NO recordings. From what I have read online there was a firmware update this month. Whatever it was has caused our camera to stop recording and we can't do anything!

  There was an update/server crash in November 2017 but was fixed within 1 day.....we are going now on 3 days of NO recordings and NO response for help. I am an extremly frustrated customer!!!! The arlo baby is a paper weight at this point. I am contemplating getting rid of the Arlo camera due to the lack of support.  

Community Manager



Are you still experiencing an issue? What mode do you have the Arlo Baby set to?




thank you


Wow!  Didn’t realize this was how the updates get done.  User has no say as to when the updates are installed??  That’s crazy!  What if a update bricks your system, suddenly stops your notifications or whatever....

I would think that if this is in fact the way updates are handled, Netgear should give you the option of installing the update at a time you decide once the update has been released.


And yet it has happened!!! An unwanted update with a bug has rendered the system I just bought a week ago ineffective. Infrared lights activating when cameras and base are turned off in the app and base deactivated , draining the batteries in 2 days, tech support stated they hadn’t heard a thing yet @JamesC on community Arlo page Stated he notified “engineers” of the issue earlier this week then tech support says there will be an update to fix this next week due to an issue with the Arlo servers, $600 plus for peace of mind and this is what I get 


Exactly the reason this should not be a “new idea” but policy....just glad I am in town while they are trying to work these bugs out.  


Good ideas. Since the firmware ruined my cameras at the end of July , I just use them for live view or manual record now.  I installed a wired 4 camera system, and each camera display screen has a grid , and u deselect the squares in the grid you dont want motion detection to catch, branches, traffic, etc.


Turn off the "automatic firmware upgrade", add an option to allow the user to choose upgrade or not. If the system working for them, leave them alone. Upgrade only for the people that needed. If you do not provide this option, you going to lose a lot customer for your products, plus legal action lawsuit against your company for advertise scams.

I'm with you 100%. I have no faith that Arlo cares but add me to the list.