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Arlo Basestation local video buffer with local access for door bell system

Here is my problem. I have a door bell system connected to my inhouse telephone system. The telephone system would transmit a live stream from any http address to any of my dect telephones when the doorbell rings. There is no direct link to the last video for the cloud storage and with http which would not be save anyhow. Using the smartphone having this much of a latency getting the live video from the cloud does not really solve the problem.


An easy solution would be a buffer located in the basestation of let's say ten seconds of the latest video. When the htttp address e.g. "http.//live.arlo.local" or any local ip is triggered the content of the buffer (last video of a certain camera) is transmitted using http (a loop until connection closes would be nice ). That would cut down the latency and would not interfere with any cloud plans at all.