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× Urgent: Activate Two-Step Verification
Arlo requires all users to activate two-step verification to continue to access your recordings, devices, and account.
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Make PC as a trusted device for 2FA

I use 3 devices to access my Arlo cams. My phone, my tablet and my PC. It isn't possible to add my PC to known devices for the 2 step verification process. Every time I try to access my cams via my PC, I have to get the code from my phone and enter it in my PC. Would be much easier for PC users to have the capability to list the PC as a known device. 


Agree dcfox...turned it back on due to warnings, but luckily some sharing positive experience that they turned back off without getting locked out like Arlo said they would do.  Doesn't solve the auto logout of the PC in a short time frame, which is the other half of the delay issues.  Thanks for the reminder...will solve half the issue right away.


Have you see Facebook?

People just like to **bleep**!


I agree, just turn it off.  Arlo has been saying for almost a year now they are going to force it upon everyone but haven't done so yet. Personally I think the kids that run the software development haven't been able to figure that out.


Arlo continues to roll out changes that don't work and grind their services and user experience to a halt.  I regret investing in Arlo each and every time.  Waste of money and time!  As I've experienced and stated time and again, the concept and marketing is good, however features continue to not work and function as advertised.  Settings don't stay retained.  Support is horrible.  This blog is even flawed and painful to submit (maybe by design to keep the facts reported down). Every page refresh requires a re-login and 2 step code.  Amateurs!  Highly recommend you solve your internal issues otherwise your customers will give your company bigger issues than your failure products.