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Arlo requires all users to activate two-step verification to continue to access your recordings, devices, and account.
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Make PC as a trusted device for 2FA

I use 3 devices to access my Arlo cams. My phone, my tablet and my PC. It isn't possible to add my PC to known devices for the 2 step verification process. Every time I try to access my cams via my PC, I have to get the code from my phone and enter it in my PC. Would be much easier for PC users to have the capability to list the PC as a known device. 


You don't need a mac to get the code on your computer. Just link your phone with windows and your texts show on your computer. Inwindoes settings.

The issue isn't  typing in a 6 digit number, it's the time it takes to complete the process, which during a break in, every second counts. The sooner you realize Arlo cameras are for monitoring activities in and around your house, and are NOT a security system or security cameras, the better off you'll be, because then you'll  upgrade to a real security system.


Yep, I agree its 100% not the solution.  "known devices" or persistent logins are the solution.


Thank god they don't sell tv's, you would have to do 2fa every hour to watch them.


On a whelm, I just tried turning 2-factor authentication back off. It worked. So, now I just view the cameras without having to fool with codes.


I don't want to jinx it but it's been like that in the main all along. Mine acted up on a couple of occasions at the same time as Arlo had threatened to implement 2FA so I activated it to see what difference it made BUT, on each occasion, I then immediately deactivated 2FA and it's worked without it! I trust that Arlo won't implement 2FA until it's fixed the issue. We can only live in hope (but, regrettably, not much confidence)


I'm done with Arlo. It wish I had my money back on the new Pro 3 cameras I upgraded to. This 2FA and the fees are BS. I am going to slowly transition to Ubiquiti cameras (Unifi Protect). I know I this will cost in dollars and labor running ethernet cables but what the hell.


what fees?

typing in a 6 digit code is beginning to be a common thing for a lot of providers.

It's not a big deal.

Most people have their phone within striking distance at all times

some have smart watches where they get txt msgs

some get txt msgs on the computer 



Alro Smart cost money. More than five cameras, cost money. My POE cameras have no cost after initial purchase (or a couple cents in electricity I guess).


It's not the process of putting in the code, it's the way Arlo implemented 2FA. Different from EVERY OTHER company who has implemented it. Arlo's implementation makes checking on an alert slower than it needs to be, possibly endangering property or even lives. Depending on your carrier, signal, and location, texts and/or push can take several seconds up to several minutes to show up. Arlo is not a security system. POE is the way to go.


I am still amazed despite 24 pages full of examples and complaints that others want to jump on and validate that 2FA should be just fine.  Users are vocal, including me, that it is not.  My delays with 2FA always ensure that the person at my front door is gone by the time I get logged in (0 for I don't know how many tries to date).   Or if something is going on worthy of recording, the delays make it unlikely I will start the capture in time.   Using my tiny phone screen speeds up the process some, but is difficult to see anything.  I don't think customers are asking for something unreasonable here....allowing the app to stay logged on at the home PC is simply the most convenient use of the system for many users...and its not some monumental technical solution,


Just turn 2FA off. It is that Simple. Not sure why some are going nuts over it.