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Integration with various smart home hubs

The whole idea of the smart home is to make it easy. I have my lights, thermostat and door locks all controlled/viewed from one app. I use the Wink system, which I've been very happy with. Currently it only supports the dropcam or nest camera. Arlo has so many opportunities you are missing by adding the additional partnerships or integrations suggested. You could be the #1 system if you added some of the more popular suggestions.
It would be great if I could use Arlo to trigger my lights in and/or around the house, and even do scheduled force recordings through the scheduler on my smart home hub. Would this this a possibility in the future?
+1, this functionnality would be based on HTTP request support through the Netgear API. Turning my alarm system ON would activate "away"mode on Arlo, movement detection would trigger any of the Z-Wave modules.

Would love that feature too.


I believe, most people don't know what zwave is, but probably know the term smarthome.  Once people start associating that products used with smarthome, are really products using the zwave protocol (most popular), they will come to realize more and more why this needs to be implemented!


I agree with this.  My smart home hub of choice is the Lutron Caseta, which is also Nest integrated.

I agree, the Arlo system is awesome.  That said, I'm planning to add more cameras and plan to buy ones that are compatible with the SmartThings Hub. It would be awesome if the Arlo cameras motion sensor could be a trigger for other actions on my SmartThings hub. 


So the SmartHome, Z-Wave and the connected world are now a real thing that 'joe' public understands.  It would be fantastic if the Arlo system could either act as the hub or integrate with an exisiting hub, like Samsungs SmartThings.  I'm sure most people would like to manage thier 'stuff', via one console and integrate all these good things.  Does the current Arlo have the future proofing to be adapted to do this/


seems Netgear are a little behind on this.




Absolutely!!!! Arlo has to integrate if it wants to survive.



Arlo is an awesome system; it is awesome mainly because it is a wire-free system. Unfortunately, it is also a closed system.


What makes a motion sensor based camera great is integration with smart home systems, like Samsung's SmartThings. Let's be honest here; the use of batteries for wire-free operations isn't exactly rocket science. The moment another manufacturer (say, Samsung) comes up with a battery powered camera that connects to smart home systems via one of the open standards, Arlo will be marginalized faster than I can finish typing this sentence.


It has already begun.


Their doorbell product already has IFTTT support and at the rate they are going, Smart Home integration is right behind.