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Option to auto-play live view on app load in fullscreen

Could we have an option to default immediately to a camera's full screen live view on app load? I could see this being extremely useful for users who would like to see who's at their front door at a moment's notice from a wall-mounted tablet running the arlo app. 


As it stands I have the tablet running the arlo app - My doorbell rings, I wake up the tablet and it has to reconnect to arlo, I hit play on the camera (and wait), then once it finally connects I fullscreen the camera so I can see what's going on. It would be nice if I could skip all that and just hit one button to wake the tablet, and the rest happens automatically. 


Thanks all!

+1 I'd love to see this happening! I'm using my Arlo cam for security reasons as well as a great way to see who's knocking at my door. I've already set up an automated task using the app Tasker, so if I get an Arlo notification my tablet's display automatically turns on and the Arlo App launches. It would be great if we could at least have an option to view a specific camera preview in full screen mode as default. Thanks!

It would be great if we could get an option to launch the app directly in full screen mode for a specific camera.


For example: Someone's ringing my door bell. My tablet which I use as "surveillance screen" launches the app automatically using an third party app's automation. Now I'd love an instant full screen view of a specified camera. "Door" or "Entrance" for example.


As an addition to a full screen mode it would be great if we could have an option to automatically start a live stream for that specific camera in full screen mode.



+1 The time between "I heard a noise outside" and actually viewing live video on your phone is way too long.
My full screen mode does not function. Why when requested while playing back a video does it not go to full screen on request?
Any reason why when playback of a recording will not go full screen?
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What device are you experiencing this behavior on? Are you pressing the button in the bottom right hand corner of the playback to make it full screen?




Got the same issue with iPad, the email with the clip plays but only on a small creen, but since the software upgrade the right button on the screen does not respond to expand the image to full screen.  The iPhone app does.  The windows version does.  Not the iPad 2.


I reported this (with a complete list of issues that have been repeateadly reported on this forum and left unattended for over a year) to your product manager at CES 2016 via email thru your press representative, I had no choice, no one representing Arlo, management or otherwise, was present at the Netgear booth of CES 2016.


It is not hard to imagine why. I requested a CES meeting to discuss all these prolonged and unattended problems as a courtesy before I write a magazine review, which I still plan to do, I received no response from any one at Netgear.


Another issue is that after the upgrade one was able to click on any of the images of the main split screen to see a full size version of that camera, and then able to scroll different cameras still in full screen; not any more after the software change.


I could not call that "upgrade" because it was actually a degradation of the functionality and user interface, adding features not requested on the forum, many creating more problems, and removing features that no one asked to be removed, and more importantly ignoring the forum requests of about one year without even responding officially, which ironically after my contact above we now have messages as "Future Consideration".  


Having worked in software development for over 40 years I can read that as "we will think in the future whether we will consider doing anything about, but for now, internally, we do damage control with the appearence that we care".


Arlo appears to be begging for a down the earth review of this product, its support, and the way this forum of owners is consistently ignored judging by the results.




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I recently purchased an "Arlo Smart Home" kit (VMS3130-100NAS) and so far love it.


I use it as a "window" to the driveway of my home which oddly enough I do not have a window in my home that I can see it from.


In any case, it would be nice if there was an option to select the last viewed camera to automatically connect and show (and without toolbar) full screen when I open my Arlo app. I don't care about motion detection, just able to look out my "window" at any given time. It would be especially useful for my mom who waits for them after school from the bus which we can see from the angle I have my camera set at (in addition to driveway), and she's not likely to push the few buttons to get there.


It would be nice to be able to schedule the camera to record video certain times of day, not just based on movement. I just want to be able to record for 10 minute periods on certain days, motion triggered or not. Thanks,

I would like to be able to swipe through my recording library while viewing playback in full screen. Currently I need to exit full screen and then swipe to the next recording, only to continue toggling full screen repeatedly as I review a device's activity.