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Integration with various smart home hubs

The whole idea of the smart home is to make it easy. I have my lights, thermostat and door locks all controlled/viewed from one app. I use the Wink system, which I've been very happy with. Currently it only supports the dropcam or nest camera. Arlo has so many opportunities you are missing by adding the additional partnerships or integrations suggested. You could be the #1 system if you added some of the more popular suggestions.

This is implemented yes? It has both IFTTT and SmartThings support now. An example - If SmartThings sensor opens, Arlo starts recording -


Wink 2 Hub support for the Arlo Pro cameras would be a great addition!  The lack of support seems like a huge oversight, since the original Arlo cameras ARE supported by the Wink Hub.  Thanks!

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Status changed to: Partially Implemented

To date, Arlo has partnered with Wink, SmartThings, IFTTT, Stringify, and Telguard. We are continuously working on additional partnerships and integrations to widen the options for you to use your Arlo devices in even more Smart Home environments.


Apple HomeKit support is a must. There are already many users voicing support for it:


@alaw168 You actually can integrate Arlo with SmartThings of you use IFTTT. A SmartThings sensor can trigger an Arlo camera to record for instance.

is it compatible with 2GiG z wave controllers ?