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Integrate Q to be used in a mode with wireless cameras

Now that the Q camera is available, I'd like to see it be integrated into the modes so you can add a rule along with the wireless cameras. Since we currently need a separate mode solely for one Q, its impossible to set up modes utilizing all possible devices for scheduling. Complete integration, treating the Q as one would for any wireless camera, increases the utility of especially the Q but all cameras as part of a system.


Yes please. And allow it to use the base station USB.


After so many years this is not fixed? I would like to activate my siren with an Arlo Q mode.


It's really bad that Arlo doesn't integrate their devices better. I agree that activating the Arlo Base Station Siren should be part of Arlo integration with their own Arlo Q+ cameras.


So since Arlo doesn't provide their own in house integration, I am relying on Samsung SmartThings integration to sense motion from the Arlo Q+ camera to trigger an Automation to activate the Arlo Base Station Siren via SmartThings.


So, I have to use a third party to do what Arlo should do nativity. Besides, they are broadcasting that Arlo Base Station special SSID wireless network all the time, so you'd think they could just let the Arlo Q+ cameras connect to it and then maybe have some integration with the Arlo Base Station Siren.