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Integrate Q to be used in a mode with wireless cameras

Now that the Q camera is available, I'd like to see it be integrated into the modes so you can add a rule along with the wireless cameras. Since we currently need a separate mode solely for one Q, its impossible to set up modes utilizing all possible devices for scheduling. Complete integration, treating the Q as one would for any wireless camera, increases the utility of especially the Q but all cameras as part of a system.

Yes, this would be a very important feature so that it creates one system.

Really, It does not work this way?  Seriously?


Ok well I cannot now buy an Arlo Q until the whole system works homogeneously.



Please get these cameras operating together asap please.



Yes, this feature is necessary. We beed integraded modes for all cameras

I agree. I just got my Arlo Q and was expecting this functionality out of the box. Come on guys, this is pretty basic stuff here. 

Community Manager
Status changed to: Future Consideration

bump for this feature.


really what I what is a big ARM/DISARM button as soon as a launch the app.


vuezone had this ...




All Arlo and Arlo Q cameras need to show as one system. Having to change the modes on the Arlo and Arlo Q independantly is terrible. Having to changes the mode on the Arlos and EACH Arlo Q independantly is an absolute nightmare. 


I have just got the wife used to arming and disarming the system (when it was just Arlos)... And now she needs to arm the Arlos and each Arlo Q separately!




Oh, for the IOS app a force touch long press to arm/disarm all would be ideal.

Fully agree, all cameras should be integrated and it needs to be easiert to arm and disarm