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HomeKit Support for Arlo Video Doorbell

Hi. I'd like to request that you please add HomeKit support to the Arlo Video Doorbell ASAP. I have three Arlo Pro 3 cameras, and actively use HomeKit support with that model. The only missing piece of the puzzle is the Arlo Video Doorbell. Thank you in advance!


Please add the Arlo Video Doorbell to list of supported HomeKit devices.

Arlo Moderator

Hey @Cleenton


Thank you for you interest with the Arlo Video Doorbell & Homekit compatibility. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


This Is exactly what I don’t like about Arlo. Your company acts like a bunch of amateurs! There’s no other company that would release a new product with less features than their previous products. It’s irritating as a consumer to buy your “new” product and then have the doorbell lack support for HomeKit when I have grown accustom to using it. 


I also lack homekit support with Arlo Video Doorbell (((


Any idea when the video doorbell will receive support for homekit and siri like the other cameras? Also, is there a way we could get turning on the alarm for the doorbell simpler from the app in a future update? Currently it takes like 4 steps and then confirmation that you want to turn it on before it will activate. It should be just one or two steps and visible straight from the live feed to activate.


Any update with Homekit compatibility?  The update on my phone today added an option to store videos to an external hard drive from the video doorbell to the base station but no Homekit support. Was wondering if you guys submitted anything to Apple? Would love to hear back from you guys at Arlo on any updates for this.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Make the doorbells Homekit compatible I already have the cameras on the HomeKit. It is just difficult managing different apps for each of the devices. Apple lovers would be flocking for your doorbell that is the main reason I hesitated on purchasing the doorbell. 


Count me in! I am encouraged and excited about the recent homekit support on the floodlight. The doorbell should be next to have a complete Arlo system with homekit support (camera, floodlight, doorbell). Please put this highly desired feature as a priority. 

It would be superb to have the fantastic Arlo Video Doorbell with access to Apple HomeKit. So in one place, the best products on the market would be gathered, which already include Arlo's cameras!
Add support for homekit so we can also use arlo video doorbell