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Google Home Support with Arlo

I understand that Arlo does not currently support control with the Google Home or streaming with the chromecast. My question is why not, and is it on the to-do list? You have already done it with your other partners like Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, IFTTT, etc. You have the infrastructure in place for talking to other web services, so why not partner with Google? It would expand your market to all of the people who use Google's products, like myself.


In fact, IFTTT and SmartThings are already partners with Google themselves. So sure, you could use IFTTT or SmartThings to control you Arlo through the Google Assistant/Home, but you cannot do what your other smart camera competitors are doing my partnering directly with Google and their services.


For example, you could ask your Google Home to show you your front door on your TV.

"Ok Google, show me the Front door on the TV."


Or ask the Google Assistant on your phone to pull up the feed on your screen.


These are all things that you can do with other products. So why not Arlo? Why hold back?


Enought time has gone by. 


I'll be shelviing my arlo pro and moving to nest if this doesn't get rolled out within a few weeks.


Well, Logitech got their cameras going on Chromecast, it certainly is time for Netgear to bring their "A" game here.

I cannot imagine these Logitech cameras are half as popular as Arlo, come on Netgear programmers, we need you!



Why do the mods delete so many partial posts here?


If you are going to strip a link from a post, would it not be better to remove the post than just make the threads on your forum look incoherent?

Pretty weak showing at CES, in regard to Chromecast and Google Home support. How about you make your Arlo Baby devices infinitely more useful, by adding Chromecast? You’ve completely failed (choke! choke!) with your Arlo Baby Tablet... quit failing on this. The API exists, so put some resources into it.


Viewig on devices OTHER then phones and computers matter, when it comes to the Arlo Baby. We don’t always have extra devices for baby sitters, etc. to lend when parents may step out. Give us a long-expected break (tablet - cough! cough!) and get it together.


Whoot! Whoot!  Now, we just have to wait and see what their definition of "soon" is.  Glad to see it is now in the works, this will be an awesome feature upgrade!

Nice find, Brandonames1981. Thanks!



Very excited to see this!


You can soon stream arlo to your tv via chromecast.


What is the ETA? I just downloaded the latest version of the Arlo App but no support yet.


Bye Bye NEST ! hehe

Bill Nico L

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My name is Bill with Expert ID 46284. How may I help you today?

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hi there

10:10:52 AM

what is release date of this feature

10:11:05 AM

and will my arlo pro purchased 6 months ago work with it?

10:11:17 AM
Bill Nico L

Let me check the link.

10:11:58 AM

Thank you so much for patiently waiting on the line. As of the moment we have no further information about the ETA for the feature Michael.

10:15:06 AM

If it's available, there's a possibility that you will be notified via email or there will be a pop up message that will appear on the app.

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I'm so confused with this thread after that link, that page indicated that the feature is already available? I haven't bought into this yet I was deciding between this and the Circle 2. Can someone give me an update is the feature actually working now? If not I am in the UK will it be coming over here as well as the US?