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Google Home Support with Arlo

I understand that Arlo does not currently support control with the Google Home or streaming with the chromecast. My question is why not, and is it on the to-do list? You have already done it with your other partners like Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, IFTTT, etc. You have the infrastructure in place for talking to other web services, so why not partner with Google? It would expand your market to all of the people who use Google's products, like myself.


In fact, IFTTT and SmartThings are already partners with Google themselves. So sure, you could use IFTTT or SmartThings to control you Arlo through the Google Assistant/Home, but you cannot do what your other smart camera competitors are doing my partnering directly with Google and their services.


For example, you could ask your Google Home to show you your front door on your TV.

"Ok Google, show me the Front door on the TV."


Or ask the Google Assistant on your phone to pull up the feed on your screen.


These are all things that you can do with other products. So why not Arlo? Why hold back?

Arlo supports Chromecast now. I tried it this morning at 1am Central Time and it works.

Supported in UK too 🙂 

Although its a still picture dosent automaticly go into live, Im assuming you have to set it to live via the app first ?

Is there a list of all commands ? Or is it just Hey Google show driveway on tv 


Ignore my comment about not live streaming, just tried it again and it is live 🙂 


Yes it's working now! Tried it last night! 


This isn't fully working for me. It only shows what the camera is seeing for a couple of seconds, then either the screen goes blank / black, or is no longer streaming (i.e., continues to only show a static shot of the original view)


I have yet to see a video. Tested on 2 different televisions with different versions of Chromecast and all i have ever seen is a grey screen saying HA Cast Camera.


Any idea's? 


Same here, I get the HA cast camera and a black screen. Are you using home assistant? 


What i am noticing is that my Arlo Pro cameras work almost every time when I ask the google assistant to show me those cameras. Once or twice, i did get the HA cast camera black screen when trying my Arlo Pro cameras. However, it has yet to work on my 1st gen Arlo cameras. So maybe its only compatible with Arlo Pro and newer cameras for the moment. 


Yeah, the original Arlo cameras are not supported at the moment as far as I am aware.

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Status changed to: Implemented