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Google Home Support with Arlo

I understand that Arlo does not currently support control with the Google Home or streaming with the chromecast. My question is why not, and is it on the to-do list? You have already done it with your other partners like Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, IFTTT, etc. You have the infrastructure in place for talking to other web services, so why not partner with Google? It would expand your market to all of the people who use Google's products, like myself.


In fact, IFTTT and SmartThings are already partners with Google themselves. So sure, you could use IFTTT or SmartThings to control you Arlo through the Google Assistant/Home, but you cannot do what your other smart camera competitors are doing my partnering directly with Google and their services.


For example, you could ask your Google Home to show you your front door on your TV.

"Ok Google, show me the Front door on the TV."


Or ask the Google Assistant on your phone to pull up the feed on your screen.


These are all things that you can do with other products. So why not Arlo? Why hold back?


Arlo has been doing that frequently lately. Someone posted about the Arlo pro 2 coming out and it got deleted.


Oh and also in netgears defense, Google owns nest. So that is probably why there is GH support. And I doubt Google will willingly work with netgear in helping integrate things since there is competition.

I wish it would though as I have 2 GH's


I think Google would love to work with Netgear. That's like saying they wouldn't want any competing movie providers on Android TV like VUDU. I think they would love to see this additional functionality - it's good for both platforms.


Google's API for Chromecast and Google Assistant/Home are available to any third party, including Arlo. Nest's newly announced Chromecast and Google Assistant/Home support are using APIs that Arlo could be using.


To be honest everybody in this thread would love to see this. It would just be nice for someone from netgear to chime in at this point. 


+1 for Chromecast support.  It's actually hard to find a video capable app or website that does not have casting capabilities these days.

 +100 for Chromecast + Google Home support.


This really needs to be introduced soon. Smiley Happy I can't tell you how helpful it is when holding one or two babies, and the doorbell downstairs rings... to say "Ok, Google. Show me the Front Yard on the Bedroom TV." And for the bedroom TV to display the front yard Nest Cam Outdoor's stream. I can see whether I want to ignore the ring or not, without even moving.


That capability ("Ok, Google. Show me the Twins' Room Group [two different Arlo Baby Cameras] on the Kitchen TV.") would be incredible.


Yes, please add Chromecast and Google Home support. This is the way of the future and it's pretty sad that my Arlo System that I paid about $1K for doesn't support this yet. 

This is a great idea that needs to be implemented. Nearly a quarter, 22%, of the plug in device market share is Google's Chromecast, yet here we are with apple tv support which is 13% of the market. As mentioned before, google has an open API for chromecast - any developers out there?

My house is becoming a nicely automated system.  Google Mini, Android, Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Nest....they all tie together.....


Then there is Arlo.   Netgear, best you get it into this ecosystem or time is going to leave you behind.