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Faster recording

This is as it states in the subject,

Based on my test experience there is a lag between motion detection and recording start. 


So according to tests (and this is one example)


There is a street in the camera view. A car drives by at about 15mph - Camera detects it at the beginning but by the time it records I only see the back of the vehicle. So there is a 2-3 second lag.


I would like that lag to turn to 0-1 seconds.


I currently have my Arlo cameras integrated with Smartthings. I got around this problem by placing several motion sensors a short distance away from my front door along the path that an individual approaching the door would have to travel. They are mounted under the eave of my house. This works flawlessly. I was having a terrible problem knowing when mail arrived and with UPS, Fedex and USPS delivery drivers that would never ring my doorbell or knock on my front door. No problems now.




Which exactly of the original suggestions have been implemented, and why not for all users, only in the latest product? 


What does "Implemented in latest product" mean? This is still an issue with my Arlo cameras. It is so bad I am about to switch to something else.