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Faster recording

This is as it states in the subject,

Based on my test experience there is a lag between motion detection and recording start. 


So according to tests (and this is one example)


There is a street in the camera view. A car drives by at about 15mph - Camera detects it at the beginning but by the time it records I only see the back of the vehicle. So there is a 2-3 second lag.


I would like that lag to turn to 0-1 seconds.

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Status changed to: Implemented in latest product

With our release of Arlo Pro, we have implemented enhanced hardware which allows for fast motion detection, capturing objects moments after they enter into the camera's view. 

How about a standalone motion detector for us poor sods who are stuck with the barely-functional first version of your product? Or will you do a buy-back so we can afford to upgrade to a working camera? Faster recording is one thing, we also cannot use the usb port on our old base stations (why?) and I'm assuming that if you fix the stop recording on motion stop issue then that will also be only available on new products. Even though it's purely a software update that's needed...
Honestly, T9001 is being nice. Most of us who bought in early with the original Arlo system believed in the company, but we are being neglected right now with no updates to our cameras that cost us more than $500 to acquire and not to mention our annual subscriptions for storage. There's a lack of trust here when the Arlo admins only answer to our problems has been to "purchase more of our product; we promise it works this time." There's a selection of security camera systems out there now and so we need more support from you guys if you want to keep us as customers!
During my research into this issue I have found other threads that suggest using the USB port to create a small camera buffer locally. I think this is a good solution unless there is some reason these cameras cannot continually capture video. This would eliminate delays caused by slow motion detection or from slow network access to the cloud. The best fix would be to create internal buffers for each camera. Memory is inexpensive these days. If this is an issue with battery power then this option should be configurable or only work when cameras are operated on AC.

So thats the solution? Just mark this thread as implemented?


What is even the point in this idea exchange?


wow...I like these observations...I am new to this...and just thought my camera motion range and sensor, sensitivity was the issue...I also only received the vehicle departing my driveway...not pulling in and turning I hope the developers, read these and include some solution.


No thanks to the slow delay, we missed a person attempting to break into our car tonight. The camera only caught the person walking away at a distance. Had it been on 2 seconds sooner, it would have seen their face, as they were well inside the perimeter of view and well beyond a tresspassing violation.


Sorry, but this is unacceptable. At the very least, we should be given a way to plug the camera into power so it can just run all the time. I've had a Nest cam and even a new knockoff called Tend Lynx. The Nest was expert at catching the right moment. Even the Tend, a $59 camera!!!! turned on perfectly in time tonight, unfortunately the angle was opposite the car, so it saw nothing. The Arlo, which we just dropped big $ on completely failed us. The police won't even take a report or the video because there is no face or evidence of crime.


Seems like this has been somewhat address in Arlo Pro 2 - recording initiation time seems quicker than the regular Arlo and Arlo Pro 1


The original post was in 2015 and this is still a problem.  I replaced my Logitech system with these Arlos when they first came out. Frankly, I dislike them very much - find them totally useless for security.  They do not record in time to catch anything useful.  


These were expensive and don't deliver; I see the solution is to upgrade to yet a more expensive version and no way to update the current investment.  Arlo/Netgear - help out here.  I have been a longtime supporter of Netgear products, but this one is no bueno.


Anyone want to buy mine??



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