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Dynamic Rules & More

First off, I'm really digging the Arlo camera's so far.  However, there are a few features that I’d love to see implemented.


1) Dynamic Rules. I’d like to be able to create dynamic rules that control when a camera starts recording.  For example, I have a camera in the garage.  Well, if a family member is in the garage for an extended time, I don’t want the camera to be continuously triggering new recordings.  I’d like to see some dynamic back-off timers activated.  


Dynamic Rules like:


* No more than X number of videos in Y number of minutes.  Ability to layer this, so you can say, no more than 5 videos in 5 minutes AND no more than 10 videos in an hour, etc.


* Minimum back-to-back recording times.  Ability to set a minimum time that must elapse before the camera is re-armed.


* Modes based on Geo-fencing.  Dynamically change the rule-sets based on where my smart-phone(s) are located.


2) Ability to create rules and schedules that span multiple base stations.  Right now, each base station has it’s own rule set and scheduling.  I’d like to have one combined ruleset that covers both base stations.


3) Rumors of future NAS recording when Cloud services are down.  I sure would like to see this one.






Many modes and rules I have created use similar names or prefixes, for instance, I use the prefixes "Day:" and "Night:" to identify modes that are active during the day and at night (the motion detection sensitivity between day and night needs to be slightly different on some cameras, or I have too many events occur during the day).


Currently, there is no way to sort the modes and rules in the overview. This makes for a less organized view. It would help tremendously if it was possible to order modes and rules at least by their name to group them. Ideally, a user-defined sort order solution would be preferred, but a sort-by-name feature would be a great help too.


I forgot to mention that a sort order is probably most needed in a mode's view of rules, where activating the correct rule for a given camera is crucial. If I have multiple rules for the same camera it is often difficult to find the applicable rule, if the rules are not grouped by camera. So, a sort order by the motion-detecting camera would be very helpful. An additional sort order by recording camera would also be welcome.

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