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Eliminate Purchase Additional Camera Screen

Please find a way that folks can get rid of the purchase additional camera Screen

For those of us that only want 4 cameras and not 5.


I would prefer to have the four cameras only appear on my computer monitor.

But now I have three smaller camera screens on top and one camera screen on the bottom with the annoying purchase camera screen next to it.


We all know we can buy additional cameras but if we dont need them we are left to view that screen forever. 


Is there anyway to get rid of the "Purchase Cameras" splash screen found on both the mobile and website view of cameras.
It's distracting and obtrusive.



Arlo Employee Retired

Good morning StuBee,


Thank you for your suggestion and valuable feedback! Currently, we do not have a way to remove the "Purchase Cameras" splash screen. However, we pay close attention to what our customers are asking for and review these types of request for implementation in future releases.


Thanks again for your feedback!


Christine - Arlo Team




I second this. We already know we can buy more cameras. After purchasing what is a somewhat expensive gadget the last thing NetGear should be doing is trying to sell us more. They should be focused on making our interaction with the product so good and flawless that we will seek out and purchase more cameras or other accessories should they come available.


I agree I would love to be able to remove that purchase camera screen


OK, don't be angry. I'm trying to be funny...


There is one way to remove the "Purchase Cameras" notice... purchase enough cameras to max out your plan. 🙂



(I'm on a basic plan and did buy three additional cameras after my 2-camera + base station initial purchase. After activation of the additional 3, the Purchase Cameras notice did go away.)


🙂   lol



I too purchased xtra cameras.

Got the base with 2 cameras, then bought a third and waiting on the fourth to arrive any day now.

I was hoping my computer screen would show the 4 and not a fifth window with that annoying message.

Not really needing or wanting a 5th camera.  🙂


Well initally after adding my 4th camera i had 4 camera screens on my computer monitor with just a small purchase camera message but not the box at the bottom of my monitor.


But now, i have three camera screens on the top half of my monitor

the 4th camera screen in below the top 3, and next to it is the purchase camera message screen


Guess they really are pressing you to buy 3 more cameras to get rid of that screen.




Have you found a way to do this yet?  It's incredibly annoying to spend this much on a system and have that ad in my face.   

Allow me to suggest a compromise to solve this complaint, with which I agree. How about greatly reducing the size of the icon and link to purchase additional cameras, and place it in a less obtrusive location on the screen?