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Disable SSID Broadcast

Can the SSID Broadcast be disabled or Hidden from the Base Station?  thanks!


Hide the SSID. It is a nuisance on my wifi lookup. Arlo claims it doesnt matter because hiding doesnt increase security. Sure plenty of tools are around to find hidden SSID. However, if someone can specifically see the ARLO SSID, doesnt that make it more obvious and easy to would be hackers? Similar idea - do you leave your laptop uncovered in the car when you park somewhere? Wouldnt there be overall more thieves looking for an easy hit to grab the obvious laptop, rather than ones looking at whatever tools to find more hidden ones? Similarly. Door locks on most homes are not for keeping criminals out. If they want in, they will find a way in. You just need to be 'more secure' than someone else. Wouldnt not broadcasting the SSID by default make it more secure?


Its frankly just laziness or incompetence by Arlo that it isnt hidden