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Disable SSID Broadcast

Can the SSID Broadcast be disabled or Hidden from the Base Station?  thanks!


Would also be nice to set the channel.


allow for management of the base's WiFi network so that you can add an extender to the network, rather than adding it to an extender and hope the base can receive signals. get away from the proprietary bs that will limit and ultimately drive away savvy users. it coming to a point where wireless "convenience" is going to cost more than wiring the house up and getting guaranteed quality with another cheaper system. 

i am not going to say that I will be working towards cracking the WPA2 on the base (but i am), but the amount of money spent on this system based on common technologies should allow for customizability and integration to an existing network. there is no truly secure wireless technology so just give the wireless key out so we can extend our own systems. 




Another vote for more control to manually select the channel and hide/not broadcast SSID


I assuming #netgear doesn't want to answer the question??


I would like to disable broadcasting as well.

Community Manager



Currently this is not a feature of the Arlo system. I encourage you to kudo this idea (if you have not already) if you would like to see this implemented in the future. Giving ideas kudos is the best way to support and contribute to ideas on the idea exchange.





Disabling SSID broadcast is an easy fix, & an obvious security issue!



It'd be nice to edit the SSID as well, since I'd like to opt out of geolocation.  


I need to have a capability to change the SSID as hidden one. I don't want to broadcast my SSID that containing "NETGEAR" . It means someone bad will know what type of product we are using as a security device ! 


So, there should be an option to hide our SSID.





While I do understand that hidden SSIDs can be seen with special software, I just think its an extra layer of security to not broadcast it.


A casual hacker will look for SSIDs that he can see, then try to hack it.  Not broadcasting the SSID will at least make this type of hacker move on to the ones he can see.  If you're dealing with someone who uses that special software to find hidden SSIDs, he would be a more advanced hacker and there's nothing much you can do to stop him.


I believe the best and easiest way for Netgear to fix this security issue is to only broadcast the SSID when synching with a new camera.  When the user presses the Sync button on the base station, turn on the SSID broadcast so the camera can find it.  Once the sync is complete, turn it back off.


PLEASE Netgear, consider the relatively simple enhancement.  It would put a lot of us at ease!




much needed improvement.  i have these in a rental property and eveyone thinks it is a wifi connection.  Really weak that they do not have a "hide ssid" button.