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Disable SSID Broadcast

Can the SSID Broadcast be disabled or Hidden from the Base Station?  thanks!

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The base station broadcasting its SSID is normal expected behavior. Take a look here for more information:




Not sure why this isn’t getting more support ! I just installed the cameras a few hours ago and the first thing a find appalling is the fact that I am now broadcasting exactly what’s installed. For arlo to be a true home security device it should be a no-brainer to give the option to hide or at least change the SSID..... enough said, I currently have the first 3 running and plans to increase to 7 to cover the proprerty, but now I might need to go somewhere serious and use the Arlos as Toys......

I would also like to stop broadcasting my SSIDs from both of my Arlo base stations.  Where can I go to make this product feature request, or add Kudos to an existing request?





I also would like this option. Seeing as my base station broadcasts Arlo_VMB and the signal gets stronger the closer someone gets to my house, they can just track the signal in order to steal my cameras. Or at least change the SSID to something less conspicuous.

My crazy neightbor keeps complaining me that my "multiple" WiFi signals is affecting his Wifi signal. I explained him many times that it's my Arlo that i have no control over its Wifi and to fix his router but he won't listen and threating me. So I have no choice but to remove my Arlo to avoid further problems from my neightbor :( Please do something and hide SSID no matter what. Other devices can hide SSID

I have to agree. Broadcasting the SSID has nothing to do with security, or people's ability "to get that information anyway"... It's clutter, and it's unnecessary. It makes for more potential for confusion when searching the WiFi listing for your connections... There should be an option to disable broadcasting it—or better yet—disable SSID broadcasting by default in the next firmware update.


Think about it. Your only argument for not doing this is: a) your customers are stupid, and b) you can "logically" argue why it shouldn't matter because it's not really a security issue


Just do it. It's not needed, you'll eliminate all manner of bad Internet press, and you'll make your customers happy.


Serve the customer, not your logic, your planned schedule or your laziness. Don't forget why you're here. Run the company like you actually care about the people who keep you in business.

HawKe777,  Well said.


Still no update on this issue ?


In my apartment, I see a lot of ARLO_VMB_xxxxxxxxxx, and whenever there is a break in leaving no evidence, neighbors complain about Arlo products. At least they should provide a function to rename the SSID to something like VIZIO_yyyyy or RING_zzzzzz. 


I recently realized that my Ultra base station is broadcasting its SSID. There should be an option to at least stop broadcasting until the sync process is done. Perhaps an option in the app where “add a device” starts the broadcast, then times out after say 60 seconds, for example. A simple firmware update should do the trick!


I guess the temporary solution for now would be to put it behind a firewall device - but at the steep price, the option to hide SSID broadcast should have been included.


Working on a video review, along with comparisons to other security camera systems - and it would be nice to have this security risk resolved soon.