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Design of camera enclosure should be made for easy battery replacement without dismounting

Since many cameras are installed high and outside it is unpractical that the cameras have to be dismounted for battery changes because the mounting brackets and the camera enclosure do not allow for on-the-mount battery replacement.

As it is now I have to dismount the camera, change the batteries, reinstall, and realign the camera to match its original viewing position, which wastes unnecessary battery as well.

Others have suggested the idea of external power, adding just a small connector on the back for recharging or constant power would have been all is needed, and the camera would not have to be dismounted.

I add to that idea having a future camera version of a larger size that would allow for longer life batteries for exterior installations.

I had my camera set up perfectly after a lot of adjustments, then a few weeks later I needed to change the batteries. I am using this particular camera on your VMA1000 mount which overlooks my front drive and road so it sees a lot of traffic/movement. After unscrewing the camera, changing the batteries and then screwing it back on the mount, I found that it needed adjusting again which is a bit of a pain! If I didn't need to remove the camera then all would be fine, but as we all need to change the batteries every now and again, couldn't you think of a way of introducing a quick release mechanism so the camera alignment isn't disturbed every time it needs removing? This would be a great help.

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A quick release for the batteries is a great idea. Thank you for sharing!


I second this.  We also have an exterior installation where this feature would be valuable.

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