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Make the camera more sensitive to motion coming from the front

Although the installation instructions and videos are clear regarding the recommendation that motion is better detected from lateral movement such limitation makes difficult to properly record faces unless the subject turns to the camera while it was recording because it was detected laterally.

I understand that the system is not advertised as a security system but many recorded events are unfortunately of just the backs of people or after the event started, and the material is useless unless the recorded person is known., which I believe is not the main interest of the majority of users.

I understand that the motion is detected by heat differences, the camera should be able to detect heat differences from the front as well.

Due to this limitation I was promted to install several cameras at different angles on the hope that I could have at least one camera recording faces but that is not a complete solution either because there is a delay in starting the recording and the camera rules are limited to one per camera, so is a non win situation even overspending on the installation.

In summary:
Cameras must detect front activity with more sensitivity
Cameras must have multiple rules
Cameras must react faster for recording

Yes please!


If it is imperative to record faces, you can make a  Rule to have the camera that senses the motion from the side, start a second camera that points toward the face of the person and vice versa. Put that Rule in the appropriate Mode and you should be able to accomplish what you want albeit you now have two cameras on the front porch or wherever. By the way I realized this when I made a mistake and the camera sensing motion wasn't recording videos - when I debugged I saw it was doing exactly what I told it to do as above where one camera was set to trigger recording on another.


Nice idea RalphRoss - didn't realize this was an option.

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With our release of Arlo Pro, we have implemented enhanced hardware which improves motion detection.


That's great for Pro users but kinda sucks for those of us with regular Arlo cameras. Any way to update the firmware on original Arlos to enhance motion detection??

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It can sometimes take some trial and error to find optimal conditions for your Arlo system.


Take a look at the tips in this article to be sure your cameras are positioned for best performance: How do I optimize my Arlo Wire-Free camera’s motion detection performance?




For Real!!! I have a five camera system on rental property that I manage. I have moved all the cameras several times to obtain the best motion capture with no such luck even after angling for lateral approach. 


Since then there have been 3 robberies on the property with the cameras detecting NOTHING. Right now I'm feeling like an idiot for choosing arlo. 

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Consider taking a look at this article for positioning tips for best performance: How do I optimize my Arlo Wire-Free camera’s motion detection performance?