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Continue Recording while while watching live feed

Hi There,


I would like if the camera continued to record motion at the same time while watching the live feed without me having to manually hit the record button.


There has been times when i was watching a live feed, my infant was doing something cute and i wanted it recorded.  BUT, when i went into my recorings there was nothign there for the moment i wanted to capture.





This thread is literally over 3 years old and not a peep from the developers!

Arlo just updated the Arlo App in the Apple App Store and ZIP!  Not a single useful update to include this simple feature that should have been integrated from its inception.  THIS IS BOGUS.

HELLLLLOOOOO.... ARLOOOO...  ARE. YOU. THERE...?  [Its your customers if you were wondering]


I completely agree with the comments above. This defect must be fixed. In addition, I used to be able to hit the record button on live view to initiate recording manually. Now I dont even see the button available which is worse. 


@ Arlo Product Team,


Does this enhancement currently sit in the queue? Has it been scoped?


Based on user feedback, it presents itself has a high priority -- especially for those that are using the Arlo Baby. Parents will naturally keep these devices live streaming throughout the day/night, using it as a baby monitor (as intended and marketed); however, if they wish to reference any motion alerts from throughout the night, those seemingly wont be recorded -- since recording stops when live streaming. [This struggle is something I am currently experiencing.]


Thoughts on a solution for this?


so many people complaint about this problem why is arlo team never add this feature? i brought the pro3 floodlight and used a tablet to do live stream and i realize it kick me out every 30 min and in that 30min motion detection never tiggered. useless junk!!!


ARLO please fix this design flaw in the system. The first thing I want to do when i get a notification and is look on live view to see what is going on.. and i cant do this unless I'm happy losing the recording and no one is happy losing their recording. The purpose of a security system is to feel secure. If we were being robbed I would get a notification, have to wait until the motion stops then figure out what is going on and by that time it could be too late.. Or at night time when our family is in bed and we get a notification i would like to use the camera to see if its something to be concerned with. We want our system to help prevent issues by recording and letting us see live view at the same time - not solely record them for evidence after everythings gone on.


Another vote for this feature. Any normal person when they receive the push alert will open the app to view what is happening in real time. If this is break in or something bad, the recording will be interrupted and cause loss of evidence. That is a ridiculous oversight that needs to change.


At the very least the app needs to warn the user when they go into live view that "Any ongoing recordings including motion will be interrupted. Do you wish to continue to Live View?"


Good Morning Arlo Team, 

I have the following request/new ideas, and i kindly ask to provide a feedback. I also would appreciate if the entire community would comment and support.

-- If i start a manual recording, it stops if i close the app or after 2 mins, this is really annoying. I ask if it is possible to do not interrupt the recordings closing the app and to do not limit the video to 2 mins. I want to decide when and if to stop to record, and i would like that also in this case i can record in 4K.

- I want to be able to download the CVR footage, maybe specifying also the time range.

- I want to be able to save 4K CVR footage (at least locally) and be able to download the files.

- I want Arlo to better integrate the Apple HomeKit and support also HomeKit Secure Video at 1080.


It now almost 2 years i am requesting some of these basic functions but without any promise nor a feedback from the the developer team. 

I am paying monthly an Arlo plan with CVR, and every time i want to "extract" a video i must do a screen capture and i can't have the quality of 4K for which i bought this product. 

I think that Arlo Cams are excellent products but the lack of those features is driving me to move to Eufy cams which even does not require a monthly subscription. 


I would really really appreciate a feedback from Arlo.