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Be able to modify the wireless channels of a base station in order to increase service reliability.

This is piggybacking an older Arlo Idea request with more than 140 votes, that was closed. 


Summary of the idea:

Allow users to adjust the Wi-Fi Radios settings of the base station, in order to be able to change the channel in which the base station transmit (in both 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz band).



With a lot of smart things in our home and the use of automation, a "good and reliable" wi-fi network is mission critical for our daily lives,  understanding that home security is super important as well.  In addition, we really love the hassle free approach that Arlo offers. 



Arlo does not offer the option to modify the Wi-Fi radio settings of the base station,  most of the time the station use the same Wi-Fi channels of the existing home router/wireless infrastructure. This create a situation that channel contention occurs and creates co-channel interference, providing a poor user experience and downgrading the reliability aspect of both (security cameras and home network)


In the following image, the Arlo Base station is in the same channel of my home Wi-Fi router (Arlo uses 20 MHz channel width, my home router use 40 MHz width). So if you have 2 or 3 Netflix or youtube streams in your home network and the Arlo station is in the same channel, you will likely create a scenario that cameras would struggle to send data to the base stations or provide live feeds. 


Arlo Issue.png





Proposed Idea or Solution


Simple Option:

  • Create an option to tell the Arlo Base station to not use the existing channels of the wi-fi network. A menu could be created that Arlo prompts the owner which SSID is the home network, so the Arlo base is aware to not transmit and use the same channel of the home network. 

Advanced Option:

  • Create an option to allow some channels to be disabled in the 5 GHz and 2.4GHz. (and not allow a fixed channel to be selected that might be congested in the future and tentative disrupting the security cameras).


Conclusion and closing thoughts:


Any of these options would provide flexibility to the Arlo base station to select the best channel, without creating co-channel interference (or increasing channel contention) with the existing wi-fi router/wireless infrastructure, will not downgrade the hassle free approach of ARLO and will provide a reliable user experience to both security and wireless use cases.


P.D: A nice to have option is to be able to change the SSID name of the Arlo Base Station (but, baby steps first)


I hope that Arlo community support in this idea and Arlo engineering team understands that this is not about power users being picky, this is about increasing reliability to both Arlo and home wireless services.


Be safe.






This causes so many issues for my 2.4 devices. Luckily I have good 5 coverage for most things but there are plenty of times I have multiple devices drop out. I can see it matching up to my access points trying to change their channel to avoid co-channel interference, then within a day the Arlo changes itself to match. It is effectively a seek and destroy jammer.


What angers me the most is how so many posts from Arlo reps state that it will automatically use the same channel as the access point it connected to and then phrased it as if this is a good thing. That complete lack of understanding Wi-Fi from a company like Netgear just hits a pet peeve I didn't even know existed. Not only was it developed to do this but has stayed like this for so many years.


I would be happy if the hub could just auto use a channel that ISN'T already in use. That is how every other auto channel switching AP works. Having a manual option would be great because then I can set and forget instead of rely on some channel logic that I have zero confidence in already.


I have a Netgear router and Netgear range extender (Arlo cabled to the range extender). I cannot use anymore the range extender to extend the WiFi since Arlo use the same WiFi channel cousing a lot of interference. Shooting down the range extender, all Arlo cameras works great, if I let broadcast the WiFi to the range extender I have a lot of disconnection and interference.