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Direct Storage Access Wishlist

1) Thumbnails

2) Ability to delete videos via iOS or Android app

3) Allow guest user to access local recordings

4) Remove advertisements asking us to subscribe to Arlo Smart

5) Remove the PC hard drive icon, videos are stored on an SD card and not stored on a PC hard drive. Maybe use the same SD card icon used under the Smarthub device settings menu?

All please like this post to get enough attention from Arlo, thanks.


Any updates on the above?
Guess not and guessing there probably never will be.
@JamesC I would be willing to even pay a one off fee to implement the above improvements to Direct Storage Access.
Not a single person has liked this post, I'm guessing I am the only one who wants thumbnails etc for Direct Storage Access.

Edit: Did not see the thumbs up from Johnny290
I liked it.
Only a few hundred more before Arlo actually take notice.
Steve DOES gives a good review on Direct Storage Access on YouTube.
That is an old video, so it doesn't address new issues correlating to the newest Android app update. For me, the app often crashes when I try to open storage settings, and that is only after I'm able to get the app to acknowledge that a flash drive is inserted. These are problems I didn't have before the update. Port forwarding adds a whole new monster of issues, like 35% battery consumption or repeated app crashing. The port forwarding settings are being forgotten and have to be refreshed in the app and then reset in the router. This is quite irritating and they need to start beta testing their updates before just thrusting them upon people.
If you read the post before I edited it, I DIDN'T have those issues before the update.