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More HomeKit features

Deeper integration of the system into Apple Homekit:
- Expose the doorbell to HomeKit
- Expose the spotlight of the cameras to HomeKit
- Expose Arming/disarming controls to HomeKit
- Enable HomeKit Secure Video
- Enable Camera speakers as Airplay 2 speakers

Arlo Moderator

Hi @Mat695


We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!

When can we expect full HomeKit integration? I can control cameras and lights with Google, why not Apple HomeKit? When can we expect HomeKit Secure Video? Let’s go.

When will the audio doorbells and chime become HomeKit compatible?


It’ll be great for Arlo to add HomeKit Secure Video support. I already am not planning to sign up for the subscription Arlo Cloud to continue cloud recording after my free portion expires given the poor video quality of my Ultra 4K cameras - cloud recording with Arlo is barely 1080p which defeats the price I paid for their advertised 4K quality. I’ve been supplementing the free Arlo Cloud with local recording which is at 4K and allows me to read license plates and catch a lot better detail that is lost with Arlo Cloud. If HomeKit Secure Video doesn’t come to Arlo I will also like end up exchanging my sets of Arlo Ultra with Eufy and/or Netatmo which have already enabled HK Secure Video on theirs. 


I too would like the option to do Homekit Secure Video.


We have 2 Arlo systems on our account. The first system is installed at my MIL’s house and is in the Arlo app. The second system is installed at our house and has 3 cameras connected.


There are 2 reasons we use HomeKit. First, the system installed at my MIL house goes off like constantly.  Second, we are have some smart plugs and just added a smart thermostat that is also in the HomeKit app.  Why have multiple apps for all of your smart devices?


Some probably wonder why we went with Arlo instead of some other brand? The answer to that is we received an Arlo Base Station and a camera as a Christmas present.  Luckily for us, it turns out we could set it up in Arlo, then add it to HomeKit. We talked about getting different brand, but what do we tell person that gave us present?


Bringing Secure Video would allow me to store the video on my 200GB icloud storage, which I can upgrade to 2TB if needed. Like others, no additional cost to Arlo or taking up space on their servers. In my book, Win-Win for everyone.