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Wireless Channel config manual override

Here's the deal;



This is my WiFi *indoors*, if I go outside it's even more and stronger signals. It amazes me that this Arlo system even uses WiFi when it offers is no manual control whatsoever, which I obviously expected it to offer, because, well, it's from NETGEAR!? All your equipment offers the user settings and full config and control, yet when it counts (to protect and secure our home reliably) it just doesn't?? WTF is that about? Please netgear, explain this to me. I demand the option to set the channel the base-station uses.

To be honest I didn't even expect it to use 2.4 GHz WiFi. Why did you pick that? Since it's proprietary anyway, why not use some unused frequencies? WHY WHY WHY?


Seriously, I'm going to publish this fact everywhere I can, because if knew beforehand, I would never have paid so much for such a useless wifi distortion unit. I would *not* have bought it.


Second thing is the fact it's reliability fully relies on your internet being up (and wireless signals not being distorted purposely). I can just pull the phone-cable outdoor so the DSL is lost, I can even check the wireless band from my car for the netgear ssid (which is always the same) and then switch on a scrambler and rip the house blind.


This has got to be the most insecure system ever, there's no local backup option of the footage, no memory, nothing (I've tested it). Frankly, not at all what I expected from a big name like netgear. Your routers are OK, but this arlo hands-off cloud-only stuff blows. And then no Advanced config in the base-station? For crying out loud you guys, get that fixed channel setting in the firmware or I'll send my expensive arlo crap right back to the seller.



Big surprise; No response from netgear!


Going to put an extensive review about all the bad sides of this arlo stuff on YouTube a.s.a.p. because the world needs to know what they're getting.


Most people don't have a wifi cluster like you do....  and Arlo works fine


Simple answer is you need a wired system.

Community Manager



At this time, there is no way to specifically change the channel of the base station other than physically moving it so that it is greater than 20 feet from your router. I will relocate your suggestion of being able to change the channel to the Arlo Idea Exchange so that it gets proper exposure to the development team.


There are also many discussions on the Arlo Idea Exchange requesting an option for local storage, I encourage you to browse these topics and support them by adding kudos. While it is not an option to directly store content locally as it must be first stored on the cloud, content can be downloaded and stored locally from the cloud.




Please, could you add an "Advanced settings" link somewhere under Settings,

by which we can set the wireless channel of the base station, and perhaps even more details regarding its WiFi behavior?


I have serious issues with the extremely busy 2.4 GHz band in my neighborhood (city). The only way *all* my arlo cameras will reach the base well is when I have it at channel 13 and it stays there. But it never seems to do so.


Yes, I take full responsibility for the distortion or interference that could cause, because I know to set my routers at channel 9 or lower (with the Base at 13).

Arlo team,

Give us the ability to select our own wireless channel we want the Arlo system to run on. You could set Auto as default, but give us the flexibility to change it just like we have on a router or access point.

Yes, this is definately needed to have dedicated Wifi channels for Arlo and other devices used in home to balance the load.


Yes please.


This has been a longstanding issue in the Troubleshooting forum.

Prod Man - I've just added Arlo to a perfectly functioning network. I have home automation, wifi connected Apple TVs, etc... The Arlo approach to wifi channel auto assignment is absurd. When it's on, it interferes with my system. When I unplug it, everything is fine. If I could select my own channel, I could manage and eliminate the conflict.

This may need to be put in an advanced setting section, but it is one very basic function.

It's starting to feel like someone has "too much invested" in the auto function. We aren't saying eliminate it. We are saying, give us the freedom to manage our RF networks.

Right now my solution would have to be to send this back.

I wonder if the the new Arlo Pro base station will get this option. Surely a "pro user" would want the ability configure this? 


Unfortunately, the answer is no. The Arlo Pro base station doesn't appear to have the ability to change the Wifi Channel. It's following my Eero's channel and I'm getting very limited distance from the base before my cameras drop off.

Also, the Arlo Pro base station seems to only be broadcasting 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4Ghz. I'm OK with not using 5.2Ghz because it doesn’t' travel well through walls but why not spring for a 802.11ac chipset? Would it have cost $1.32 more in manufacturing?