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Batch download Video files?

Downloading individual video events recorded on the Arlo Go HD is a great option........... but it would be fantastic if the app would allow a batch download by selection multiple individual files or ALL video files as an additional option and download many files at a time...


This would save so much time on mobile devices....


Finally fixing the Flash issue on Windows Platforms would be much appreciated too.......! Having to try to log in over 20 times before giving up an goind to an android device is no solution.....

Arlo Moderator



You may download multiple videos at one time on the web portal & Arlo Mobile App. I have provide the instructions below as well as a kb article with more information.


Web Portal > Library > Select > Select Desired Videos/Select All > Download


Arlo Mobile App > Library > Press down on the video until it creates a green border to select individual videos/Press the 4 green squares on the top right corner to select all videos > Bottom right 3 dots > Download




@ShayneS, that is a poor solution. On Firefox if you "Select All" and have e.g. 50 videos selected, when you then press "Download", the browser tries to open 50 separate tabs and trigger a download in each one.


This then results in 50 x "File Save" confirmations, and also usually a browser crash because so many tabs have been opened.


What would be significantly better are options such as:

  1. in the background, the selected videos are zipped up and the user is sent an email with a unique link to download the zip file, or
  2. the user can link their Google Drive or Dropbox account to Arlo and the videos are transferred to that location, which means users can then autodownload them via cloud drive sync.

Expect much better from Arlo and Netgear. Looks like a great physical product with really poor user options for the videos.

@Tangram11 @ShayneS I agree. I just tried this and had the same experience. I had 54 videos from yesterday which meant, after allowing pop-ups from Arlo, that I have 54 tabs flash open and shut and then had to click Save or Cancel 54 times. Very unfriendly.