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Can not reconnect after power interuption

Whats the point in having a remote camera system that can't reconnect when the power is interrupted and I am 2 hrs away. Spent my money on garbage!


In a remote/vac home... always recommend a UPS for outages.

And/or a Wemo outlet so the base can be powered down/up remotely if your wifi comes back normally


It may not be Arlo's fault if it can't connect after a power outage.  Unless you have setup static IP addresses, it is common for automatically assigned IP addresses to fail after a power outage due to out of sync DHCP leases.  There are mutliple possible points of failure between Arlo and the internet, including your modem, your router, your WiFi access points (for Q cameras) and your switches, and any one of them may have an IP address conflict after a power outage.  As TomMac suggests, it's a wise thing to have a UPS on all important IP devices if you desire uninterrupted internet service during or after a power outage.  I use the low-cost ones from APC like this one for under $30: