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Key/Pocket Fob to arm/disarm system

I absolutely love my Arlo Pro Camera system, but I hate having to always grab a phone or iPad or computer to arm or disarm my system when I have to mow the lawn, working in the yard, etc.  I know you can disarm or set up different modes, but it would be so easy to have an arm/disarm fob, like my alarm system has rather than having to reach for a phone, tablet, computer, launch the app, etc.  Hope that the development team would consider this accessory.  I know I would buy it!

Use an iPhone? If so, use the app IFTTT to make Arlo widgets arm/disarm buttons. That way the buttons are on your widget page, no need to launch the Arlo app.

Thanks so much for the suggestion.  Downloaded the ifttt app and it works perfectly with my iPhone, iPad and amazon Alexa devices.  Never thought of that.