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Arlo Smart Notifications needs to work with Shared Accounts

***I am asking that Arlo implement the feature for shared accounts to have the OPTION to recieve Arlo Smart Notifications.***


The Arlo Smart feature is awesome. If a person is detected you can get a snapshot right in the notification feed on your phone. The problem is, right now these notifications can only go to the account owner and NOT any accounts the cameras are shared to. 


This is only semi-useful because if I'm out traveling but the wife is still in town (but working away from home) she gets none of the notifications for what is going on at home. I end up summarizing for her, or more inconveniently she has to log into arlo to get an idea of what has occured since she has been gone.



Yes! This is something I took for granted when signed up for it! Why have features that only one member of the family can use? Totally pointless! Give all users the same features, now!


I thought I would find a fix for this issue on this forum, but apparently it is currently how the system works. I hope this changes in the future, it was a huge disappointment to discover that my family members are unable to utilize the smart notifications.