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Anyone Else Struggle to Scroll (Fast Forward) Through a Video on iPhone X in Arlo App?

Anyone else having a hard time scrolling (fast forwarding) through a video in the Arlo app on iPhone X? If you don't hit the little white dot spot on, the app will try to scroll through the cameras instead of the video. Here is an example of me trying to fast forward through a video this morning. You will see where I try to hit the white dot only to have the page try and scroll to another camera. There is one point where I hit the white dot correctly and the video fast forwards. Arlo, please make it easier to scroll through a video. 


Sorry about the Apple TV app lable. Ridiculous that Arlo forces me to pick a label that has nothing to do with the issue. Thanks Arlo. 🙄


YES! You should post this on their normal forums. It’ll no doubt take about 5years to fix. I’m not even exaggerating.