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Arlo Baby Integration with SmartThings

Arlo Baby needs to be integrated with SmartThings just like the other Arlo cams. Why is this not possible ? It has several advantages.


Any updates?




I can't believe there has been no response to this after being originally brought up 2 years ago.

Support is useless for getting any sort of straight answer. Has anyone actually made contact with anyone from Arlo? Or is this just being ignored as hard as possible?


I'll probably return my camera tomorrow and go get a Nest. 


I thought I was onto something setting up a new device in the IDE of smartthings, and while everything is listed, nothing is connected and I'm not sure how to make it work. Screen below.




So I actually got through to a very wonderful support associate who sent me this: 

[I received an update from the appropriate department and please be informed that currently no plan of integrating Baby to SmartThings. If you want to suggest that idea or feature please go to and look for "Arlo Idea Exchange".]


So being that this thread is exactly what she suggests, it looks like its not

happening until there's more demand for it.  To Nest it is...






I’m confused as to why a company can’t and or won’t make their products lineage consistent across the board?

its pretty simple. Implement the same features when developing instead of just taking our money and running. 

Please fix integration to SmartThings.

I too would appreciate this. Being able to add Arlo Baby to SmartThings would make me more likely to buy and recommend the Arlo Baby. 


+1 for Arlo Baby integration with SmartThings. 

Arlo Moderator
Status changed to: Implemented

We’re excited to announce Samsung SmartThings integration now includes the latest Arlo Security Products!


With Samsung SmartThings, you can integrate a supported Arlo device into the SmartThings app, so all of your smart devices can work together.


SmartThings supported Arlo devices:

• Arlo Ultra series
• Arlo Baby
• Arlo Q/Q+
• Arlo Essential series
• Arlo Video Doorbell
• Arlo Security Light
• Arlo Base station


For more information on how to set up Samsung SmartThings integration and it’s features, take a look here: How do I integrate my Arlo cameras into the Samsung SmartThings app?