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Arlo Baby Integration with SmartThings

Arlo Baby needs to be integrated with SmartThings just like the other Arlo cams. Why is this not possible ? It has several advantages.


When first intergrating the Arlo Baby with the Samsung Smartthings hub, there are 4 Arlo cam choices, but not specifically for the Arlo Baby.  The choices are Arlo Pro, Q, Q+ and Wire-Free cameras, which category is the Arlo Baby in? 

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Arlo Baby is not yet integrated with SmartThings, take a look here for more information: How do I integrate my Arlo cameras into the Samsung SmartThings app?




Any ETA on when it will be integrated? 


I would also like this Arlo Baby in SmartThings. It would be nice with partial support limited to only Arlo Q-functions or even just motion/audio detection and video while work is in progress to make this fully featured. Mark it as experimental/limited and if possibly reuse Arlo Q-code if that could easily give partial support?

Ditto this! Seems crazy that I can integrate my remaining Arlo infrastructure (Pro's, Q's, etc) yet cannot integrate the Baby. Think of the advantages - Integration with Smartthings (particularly with my philips hue system) would be great for sensor based (motion / temperature, etc) alerts alongside smartthings mode based settings on the camera itself. Its a no-brainer!!
Can we please get Arlo Baby working within Smartthings?

I bought the Arlo baby cam because netgear integrates with SmartThings. Very dissapointed and thinking of returning if we at least don't get an answer on this.

i bought arlo baby due i thought it could connect to smartthings.

i m so disappointed that this is still not the case.


can you foresee a softwar update please?

This is about Arlo Baby but it wasn't available in the dropdown.

How is it this doesnt work in Google home after almost a year of complaints? I cant even link it in Smartthings even though the original Arlo will??

I just dropped nearly 350 on 2 of these and accessories and on a new iPad since the app wont work in the iPad mini 2.

How is it possible this is advertised one way and nearly no responses to the problem? Can someone from Arlo respond to this?
Last post I found regarding this is more than 2 years old with the solution that states "It's not compatible"
Is there any update to if or when compatibility can be expected for the Arlo Baby with Samsung Smartthings?