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Door Control panel

Instead of geofencing, would prefer a wireless control panel that could be mounted  at an entrance door to activate/inactivate.  Geofencing would be wonderful if it worked but at this time I am manually arming/disarming which means there are period of times I forget to arm.

Community Manager

The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the community’s contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on its potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


I would like to suggest for ARLO to add a new feature where a user can open or close a house gate using the ARLO app and in conjunction with the ARLO door bell. i.e. if a visitor rings the door bell then the owner of the house has the option to open the house gate using the ARLO app.

This will be a great way to enhance ARLO even more.