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An at-home Display Monitor

My husband and I currently have 5 Arlo cameras set up around the perimeter of our home. And it's great, we love getting notified of movement from anywhere, especially if we're not home. 


However, if we are home, and we are detected of motion - the only way to see the live feed is by logging into the app on our phone, clicking on that individual camera, and waiting for the live view mode to load... by the time it's loaded, whatever set the camera in motion, is now long gone!


It would be amazing if Arlo created an at-home Display Monitor that displayed up to, say ten camera feeds, in LIVE mode, that is always available and on (perhaps plugged in?). Like many other home security camera systems, they usually ONLY have this at-home display monitor - and do not offer the online viewing capabilities. However, when one is at home and worried who or what could be outside or ringing the door at 1am, it would be extremely helpful if the home owner could simply walk over to their at-home Display Monitor to see who or what is setting that camera off, before deciding what to do! It would be quicker, more efficient, and give that immediate sense of security to the Arlo user.


I hope my description made sense, and that this is a product we could all use and assist us Arlo users in having the best camera security on the market!


Thank you so much!


Breanne 🙂


Just recently picked up the doorbell and was hoping to supplement this with the cameras. Reading this and the current issue im having with the doorbell is having me stay away from this purchase and pursue another.


Hoping the Arlo product development gets attention to this discussion.


Millennials have no problem with technology; but your clientele will consist of the fastest growing segment of the population – ‘SENIORS”. Consumer markets have been obsessed with youth; but, businesses are slow to focus on the demographic shift as global population is greying.


Seniors have increased by 10.4 million just since 2007—an average increase of 30,000 each day. By 2050, the 60 and older population will increase from 680 million to 2 billion. Not only are they fast growing segment of the population, they are also the ones with most need for security as they are old or live alone.


Today’s seniors prefer to be independent as long as they can, than going into a nursing home. Therefore, a forward thinking businesses will cater to “SENIORs”; and not undermine the market share of this segment with disposable income.


They are not as active as they were in their youth and they downsize and move into a smaller house. They don’t want to log into an app on a computer or iphone to see what the camera sees. We are one of those planning to move in 2022 and looking for our security needs. The house has ADT for internal monitoring. Incremental additions to the security plan drives the plan cost way up. I would like to have outdoor security independent of ADT. I really like Arlo, but I want it to work like CCTV that allows display to multiple monitors including on an LCD display that can be mounted in the central part of the house.


Seniors might use the app on iphone if they are away from home. The most convenient for them is to have an LCD display mounted somewhere in the central location of the house displaying continuously what the camera sees unless they turn it off. This is the best way for seniors to monitor their outdoor from inside the house.

As of now, CCTV is the only one that meets our need. I think Arlo should consider enhancement to their system to connect the hub to an external LCD display that they can mount in a central location of the house.


Such a great idea and basic need !!!