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An at-home Display Monitor

My husband and I currently have 5 Arlo cameras set up around the perimeter of our home. And it's great, we love getting notified of movement from anywhere, especially if we're not home. 


However, if we are home, and we are detected of motion - the only way to see the live feed is by logging into the app on our phone, clicking on that individual camera, and waiting for the live view mode to load... by the time it's loaded, whatever set the camera in motion, is now long gone!


It would be amazing if Arlo created an at-home Display Monitor that displayed up to, say ten camera feeds, in LIVE mode, that is always available and on (perhaps plugged in?). Like many other home security camera systems, they usually ONLY have this at-home display monitor - and do not offer the online viewing capabilities. However, when one is at home and worried who or what could be outside or ringing the door at 1am, it would be extremely helpful if the home owner could simply walk over to their at-home Display Monitor to see who or what is setting that camera off, before deciding what to do! It would be quicker, more efficient, and give that immediate sense of security to the Arlo user.


I hope my description made sense, and that this is a product we could all use and assist us Arlo users in having the best camera security on the market!


Thank you so much!


Breanne 🙂


I agree with a bunch of the comments here. I don't care if I kill the battery - let me choose to do so. I would love to have multi-monitor views - especially in the Google Home Assistant integration. Saying "OK Google show me the front door" is cool on the TV, but show me ALL of the cameras in a grid layout on the TV would be amazing and useful. Thanks!


I feel the same way! I have several Arlo cameras and no easy way to view them at home when one triggers.  I need to find my phone or ipad, start up the app, view the camera.  Too long!!!  The Arlo cameras aren't serving the purpose I purchased them for but I'd much rather leverage the investment I already made vs buying a new camera system.  I too would like a mountable screen that pops up the live feed from the triggered camera automatically.   Maybe an IFTTT routine could fill the bill here if Arlo can't develop this feature.


Does anyone know if there's a command/Skill that allows you to view multi-cameras all once with your Firet-Tv? I can bring  up "camera 1", "Camera 2" no problem. Hoping there's a way to command to see them all at once. Thanks!


It would be great to have a monitor that we can keep on at all times that can do split screen. The monitor should have a stand that has wireless charge, and also a pop/swivel out leg so that you can take keep it charged and move it easily. 


I know one is coming out with the baby camera, but I hope it can work with the other cameras (e.g. Pro 2). 


Logically, one would think that turning on the live feed display automatically on the display device (phone, tablet etc) when the camera is triggered by sound or motion should be an option that would not be difficult to include in the software.  Given that you can have "stills" displayed by the app when "Devices" is selected,  it should be possible to turn on the live feed to the display when the video is being sent to the Smarthub.  That would use the  battery nor more than "normal". The app allows continous live streaming for upto 30 mins at a time but continous live streaming is not necessary.


Why is this still not available?  I agree with everyone.   We should be able to have the cameras pop up on screen when they are triggered automatically instead of having to waste time logging into the app and pulling up the camera.  I can view them on my amazon echo show and echo spot but only when I ask Alexa to show them. 


Another problem is when your viewing a camera on Echo, the camera does NOT record. So when you call on Alexa to bring up a camera like to see who is at your front door you can view the person if they stick around long enough for Alexa/ echo to bring it up, but when the feed comes up then the camera STOPS recording .  Unreal..  is it really that difficult to come out with a monitor to view live feeds and also KEEP recording. Ugh 😞


This concept should be abalible with your best systems 

What I would like to see in your systems is a additional monitor that could be placed in the kitchen or by the front door.

Why you ask, Its great that I can log onto my phone or jump on my computer to view my survalance however It is huge that my kids can see the survalance of whats going on outside. For exsample we live in a town home with very few front windows and haveing this system i speak of will alow them to see who is at the door and choose if they should or shouldnt open it. Check this link out, its a systm i have now but need to replace because its so old the camras are going out.  That is an ideal size monitor sleek and can be placed anywhere. Size could very a little bit and should be able to view however many camras the person has on their system. Everything should be wierless.


Tell me if you like my idea, let me know if i can bennifit off of it somehow, also let me know how soon you may have something of this nature avalible. I am in need of a system right now and dont want to wait to long but would be willing to wait a little bit if you were going to be able to design a system like this for me.


Also Indoor outdoor systems 

I would like to have a indoor system and and outdoor system i dont know if you have a system that you can do this with im sure you do but something to think about.


Arlo need a home monitor that can instantly show the camera that has detected motion and play an audible alert. The phone app is great but when at home a home monitor base unit would be better and would save using the phone. Could be similar to the unit used for the baby monitor camera but just abit more functionality.




Any Arlo employees monitoring this over past 2 years, come on!