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An at-home Display Monitor

My husband and I currently have 5 Arlo cameras set up around the perimeter of our home. And it's great, we love getting notified of movement from anywhere, especially if we're not home. 


However, if we are home, and we are detected of motion - the only way to see the live feed is by logging into the app on our phone, clicking on that individual camera, and waiting for the live view mode to load... by the time it's loaded, whatever set the camera in motion, is now long gone!


It would be amazing if Arlo created an at-home Display Monitor that displayed up to, say ten camera feeds, in LIVE mode, that is always available and on (perhaps plugged in?). Like many other home security camera systems, they usually ONLY have this at-home display monitor - and do not offer the online viewing capabilities. However, when one is at home and worried who or what could be outside or ringing the door at 1am, it would be extremely helpful if the home owner could simply walk over to their at-home Display Monitor to see who or what is setting that camera off, before deciding what to do! It would be quicker, more efficient, and give that immediate sense of security to the Arlo user.


I hope my description made sense, and that this is a product we could all use and assist us Arlo users in having the best camera security on the market!


Thank you so much!


Breanne 🙂


I would like to have a in home monitor that sees all of my Arlington camers at one time. You have 4 usb ports

on the rear make us of them. Until then you can hook up with Chromecast and develop something.

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The Arlo development team routinely reviews posts in the Arlo Idea Exchange to assess which features the community would like to see implemented. We greatly appreciate the communities contribution and will keep the status of this idea updated as we get new information on it's potential implementation. Thank you for posting your idea!


Thank you,



I believe if you continuosly keep your cameras on live view the batteries will drain very fast. 

The best way to add an APP to android smart Tv

Hello Breanna,


I think the idea is a good one because it is similar to a feature I want that I do not believe Arlo has at the moment.  Instead of having a live feed I would like to be able to connect two Arlo Pro cameras to a tablet directly via the base station.  My thinking is I can use it to address anyone at the door....basically as a smart door bell minus the door bell. 


I am basically looking for a setup like the Arlo Baby camera and tablet minus the baby features.  I believe this would perform much better as it is sound activated as well as motion.  I know when my dogs run around the sound is present before they enter the motion sensor range.  If multiple cameras were supported this may be the option you are seeking.


The batteries will drain but if you are willing to spend the extra money you can resolve that problem. 


Hopefully Netgear will put this into play...or maybe it is and I am just not aware.


Thanks in advance




I actually just posted asking if this was a feature they had 🙂


I think the best way to implement it, is that when the camera detects motion, the tablet screen turns on with a "click for live view" button in the middle, you click it and the tablet wakes up and displays what camera has detected motion.


The tablet should have its own set of rules so you can turn off motion detection alerts on the tablet for cameras you dont care about (like the one inside the house)

A audible ding sound when motion is detected in a defined area (your doorway) will alert you before the person even knocks.


There are a few menu options that can be removed for the cameras also since this screen would only be used for viewing your front door.  Put a large "push to talk" button in there aswell as zoom and you should be good to go.


Might also be a nice feature to be able to sound the alarm siren from the tablet too.  As much as I dont want it to happen, if you see someone strange at your door and you dont answer, they may assume no one is home and can proceed to break into the house.  At this point you already have the siren button at your finger tips and your telephone ready to dial 911.  If your using your phone for the app, this can be a little harder to do since you have to exit full screen mode, hit alarm, then hit confirm, then exit the app, open the dialer and then hit 911.


Hello 5nahalf,


Are  you not the software engineer?  Make it happen! NOW! Smiley Wink


For me if the Baby Arlo and optional tablet will pretty much do what I am looking for.  I need it to be weather proof and the form factor to allow for monnting outside like the Arlo Pro cameras.  I assume that the Arlo Pro has the hardware but will require software to make is happen.


My requirements

* motion/sound detection starts live stream directly to tablet...will wake tablet if necessary

* live stream is being recorded/stored for review later for anything missed

* direct connect from camera to tablet via basestation...Internet not required

* ability to have other Pro cameras interface with tablet and be used in same manner

* full support for managing Arlo system as if on smartphone or PC

* two way audio


I am sure i will think of more to post later....




Adding slight refinements to the ideas already posted here...


I would build this as follows:

  • As an app so that it can be used on any old tablet or smartphone.
  • Allow the user to select which cameras are included in this "auto-view" monitor mode.
  • Anytime a camera is triggered that is part of the "auto-view" set, show it on the screen in live mode.
    • If 2 cameras are triggered split the screen in half and show both.
    • If 3 or 4 are triggered, split the screen in quarters and show them all.
    • If 5 or 6 are triggered, split the screen in sixths.
    • etc.


Some bonus features:

  • When all cameras are idle, show the still images on the screen (like in the "devices" view).
  • Have an option to take a snapshot from each camera periodically so that they always show a relatively current view.
    • Make the snapshot interval time configurable. 




I also have NEST cameras and this is not an issue with them.  They allow me to pop up multiple windows on several screens and display live cameras for as many cameras as I have.  I have a couple multi monitor pc's in the home and Arlo does not allow more display live from around the property unless I'm OK with arlo's downgraded multi camera single screen, which I don't find acceptable.  I hear the comment that it may drain the battery faster, but don't see that as a reason not to enable the views of my property as large as I can display them.  The limit to only having login from the same account a single instance as being acceptable.  Catch up with the competition Arlo.  Wire free is very attractive but not if you lag so far behind competition in actual use of cameras in basic limits like this.  Can't currently recommend the Arlo solution over NEST due to extreme limitations in live video use on primary account.  This also applies that same apparently with Elite status which means there is limited cost difference with NEST who has better camera quality and supports more basic live view use cases.  Really want this solution to be as good as what I've seen and be wire free but currently wire free is limited with website software which doesn't make much sense.  Don't mean to complain here but wanted to make sure it is clear that what is being requested in this thread is not an abnormal request and is provided by competition so it should be addressed ASAP.


Arlo.. Over two years now, Why are we still waiting for a live monitor for in home.????

 Put more people on the job. So many improvements and Yet

Arlo can’t come up with a live feed monitor for in the home 😞 😞

My biggest issue when someone is at the door I would like to go over to the monitor and touch the camera feed that I want to see live. When someone is at the door by the time I get my iPad out, log on to arlo wait for the cameras to load whomever is at the door is gone. Again so many improvements and Yet Arlo still can’t come up with a live feed monitor for in the home. Sad