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An at-home Display Monitor

My husband and I currently have 5 Arlo cameras set up around the perimeter of our home. And it's great, we love getting notified of movement from anywhere, especially if we're not home. 


However, if we are home, and we are detected of motion - the only way to see the live feed is by logging into the app on our phone, clicking on that individual camera, and waiting for the live view mode to load... by the time it's loaded, whatever set the camera in motion, is now long gone!


It would be amazing if Arlo created an at-home Display Monitor that displayed up to, say ten camera feeds, in LIVE mode, that is always available and on (perhaps plugged in?). Like many other home security camera systems, they usually ONLY have this at-home display monitor - and do not offer the online viewing capabilities. However, when one is at home and worried who or what could be outside or ringing the door at 1am, it would be extremely helpful if the home owner could simply walk over to their at-home Display Monitor to see who or what is setting that camera off, before deciding what to do! It would be quicker, more efficient, and give that immediate sense of security to the Arlo user.


I hope my description made sense, and that this is a product we could all use and assist us Arlo users in having the best camera security on the market!


Thank you so much!


Breanne 🙂


Waiting for the feature..Motion alert Automatically display Arlo video feed to Google hub/Assistant


Couldnt agree more with Breanne, Arlo need to make a home hub with monitor so you dont need to use the phone when at home. Its also critical that this home monitor have an audible alert (a simple chime or similar) to alert that one of the cameras has picked up movement. This way when asleep at night with the hub next to your bed it can wake you and you can instantly see whats happening live on the screen without having to push any buttons or log in like on the phone. A Google home hub could serve this function with the correct application and co-operation but a dedicated unit may be best (something similar in size and appearance to the Google home hub would be perfect). This is the most important missing piece from the Arlo ecosystem.

Cheers Jock


Just set up Arlo Pro 2 with 4 wireless cameras and happy. Can see it on laptop, cell etc. However, my wife said her friend has a surveillence system that has stand alone monitors in parts of the house dedicated solely to surveillance outside the house. Does Arlo have such a system or can some sort of system be added.


Agree with comments. There needs to be dedicated standalone monitors for maybe several parts of the house to avoid having to log on to your device when someone is at the door; particularly late at night. Seems like it's technically feasible with existing Arlo Pro hardware. Arlo could make some more money and customers would be even happier.


I setup up a DVR 16 camera system to monitor outdoors, use the Arlo camears to monitor indoors. There is a way to have a tablet, specifially android, automatically open the Arlo app when ever a notification is received using an app called Automateit.  I used it to monitor the Ring Doorbell usign this instructions, can done the same way for Arlo cameras and its notificaitons.



Exactly. Now I am really fed up. everyone have the live grid view window. Only Arlo customers doesn't have that. I paid more than $1000. please give a solution Arlo.