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Allowing users to switch from color to IR manually.

There are instances when I need to see things at dusk and the camera has already switched to IR, yet there's still enough ambient light to see a color view.



Additionally, for indoor mounts that look out a window, the IR leds reflect off the glass glaring the camera to the point that no image is usable. Being able to turn off the IR leds would be a huge benefit.

Arlo really needs to have a manual mode for the night vision function. The IR's seem to come on too often even when there seems to be plenty of light in a room.

@vhpfi FYI motion detection doesn't work through windows from what I've read in the support forum
Tim Onlooker

Is there a way to turn off the night vision funciton on the Arlo Cameras?


I have a camera mounted in a window and it works great during the day but at night the IR Ilumination just reflects off the window and the camera is useless.


At this time... NO.  Though I believe this was put in as a wish request.


  If it was , add some kudo's ....If not put one in ;


The camera switches ove to B/W when it senses a lower amount of light needed for the color...  At this time the IR Leds are activated when recording occurs.


The only way at this time is to 1) have enough light that the cam stay in color mode ( very hard to prob do ) 2 ) physically mask off the IR leds so they don't shine     ( reflecting light)



The motion sensor won't work through a window, so the only way the camera can be turned on when it's behind a window is through manual control.

Arlo should include an option to turn off the IR when the camera is used to look through a window at night. The night vision filter should still be activated.

It might be possible to add this to the current slider switch

ant Prodigy

Agreed. I ran into this problem last night when testing it. I don't want to put the cameras outside to be stolen!

ant Prodigy

Same problem here. Indoor would be nice so they can't be stolen when placed outside.


ant wrote:

Same problem here. Indoor would be nice so they can't be stolen when placed outside.

Even cars get stolen... 🙂


But if mounted up out of reach with a tamper resistant mount, I doubt someone is going to go thru the trouble to steal it.