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Allowing users to switch from color to IR manually.

There are instances when I need to see things at dusk and the camera has already switched to IR, yet there's still enough ambient light to see a color view.




I believe there is a design issue preventing this idea from happening.  The motion detection itself is based on long-wave passive IR, which does not travel through windows.  This means that if you have a camera behind a window, it will never capture anything happening through the window no matter what the IR LEDs are doing.


Am looking to do the same, would be a good thing to add. Turn off ir when not needed.

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Hello to Everyone in this thread,


Thank you for your great idea. Our development team is always reading over the Arlo idea exchange for new and creative ways to make our Arlo product better. I have found some titles that can be searched in the global search bar. These ideas are about night vision and the manual switching of night vision on and off. As TomMac said giving kudos to this ideas will help signify the importance of the idea.


A fix for window reflection at night 

Allowing users to switch from color to IR manually. 
Night Vision Manual Selection


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You can't have the nightvision without the IR. So this is impossible. Put them outside on an arm instead of the magnetic ball mount.


Night vision is done througn near IR, which does travel through windows (witness the fact that the IR LEDs on the camera are behind a window).  It is the motion detection, which uses passive IR of a much longer wavelength, that will not work.


Agreed.  I have an Arlo set up in a low light area which I would like to permanently set to night mode.  We need the following options;

[ Auto ]

[ Mode Toggle ]  -> [ Day Mode | Night Mode ]


And of course, configurable based upon a schedule.

i.e. 11 am to 5 Pm [Auto], 5pm to 11am [ Mode Toggle ]:[ Night Mode ]


I love this thing!


The Arlo camera works with an external illuminator. If the builtin IR lamp is not required it could be disabled to extend battery life. And the camera would be less likely to attract unwanted attention. This would help outside the house at night time as the best placement is often in easy reach.



Alternatively, a setting to adjust the camera sensitivity for switching into night mode. It's too sensitive now, showing me rooms in my house in b/w when there should be enough light to use color. I'd like to adjust it for best performance in my environment..

Has there been a fix resolved for the Black and White video in-doors form the IR switching?  I want to be able to adjust the light sensitivity myself or even turn it off?



Has this been resolved?  there are many times when the light in the room or outside is perfectly adequate for a quality image but the IR turns on and you get the B&W grayscale picture.  Also to the point above draw unwanted attention to the camera.